Cute skins for minimed

anyone else have any pics of their pump with a skin to personalize it?
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they are stickers, they sent them to me free because they sent my pump in the wrong color, but they also sent me the correct color the next day, purple, I have only been pumping for two weeks, still working the kinks out, its been better though

it was a slow start, and first morning sugars still a little up there, but I have been talking with the pump trainer every day, and I am back at endo on thursday, Im confident it will work out, my sugars are much better, soome days I was over 200 all day, havent seen 200 in 5-6 days, it also makes me more aware of portions and carbs, I have been eating much better, how long have you been on the pump

well I was misdiagnosed as T2 for a few years and just went on shots about a year ago, I was afraid of the pump,I thought it meant thing were out of control, but the shots got old quick and I did some research and realized it was the best way to get control, good control and me and my endo (who is also a friend from high school) decided I was ready together,

ooh, I have leopard print!

woah, that was huge, sorry!!!

I have the Canadian flag SKIN ( sticker ) …can I sent a pix of Scott Dunton( US surfer from Hawaii and Chris Jarvis , Canadian Olympic rower ) showing my SKIN ??? …computer illiterate …bear with me and trust me I have the SKIN …I am a Canadian gal

how ling have u been diabetic? Check out mine. I uploaded an Ed Hardy image. Actually that reminds me. I have to get a new skin since I got my new Revel. I'm not used to seeing my pump naked anymore.

I have a skin like yours!! I can’t seem to find these skins anymore.

Omg I love your skin
do these stay on a while I’m looking into getting one