Pump color poll

Mine is purple. I am looking into the “skins” I saw them on Minimed online and they come in all types of colors and designs. Has anyone tried the skins yet?

My pump is clear. I did get a skin. I loved it. But evenutally I just wanted to take it off. The bad part is that you can’t take them off and put them back on, or switch them. So be sure you will like the one you get. Otherwise it’s a wasted $20.

Yikes, thats not good. Is it glued on?

I went with black. It is more slimming:)

I have always been partial to black or “smoke” colored pumps as minimed calls em.

I ordered a blue Animas2020.I asked the rep which color is most popular.She said it all depends on how well you want the pump hidden.Well I said I didn’t mind if the pump was visible.I am proud to become a pumper.Amen!

Hey my first pump is hopefully in the works. And its color will be purple.Purple means royality.And is my favorite color. I DO NOT mind it showing as lomg as it works and keeps me in control. And less complications.I have seen the skins they look cool. First i got to get used to all the functions before i even think of them. But did see mickey and tink. Being a disney nut. May be before i go back to wdw in nov. diabeticidol94

Which pump are you trying to get? Did you see a Mickey Soccerer? Where did you find the skins?

Mine is a blue minimed. I never tried skin. We don’t have them here…

go to minimed.com I know I have seen them there before. I am looking for pink and brown polka dots or something crazy so when I pull it out to use it I’s a silent way of saying I am proud of it and being in control of my diabetes!!!

Dee, I also have an Animas 2020. I ordered silver (my rep recommended black as it “blends” better - I was like whatever - I don’t care who notices it!)

So, I ordered my pump on a Friday - the following Monday - they had a pink one available! I was soooo mad that I couldn’t change my order to that one! lol

Have you found skins or things for the 2020?

Hi Katrina!! I am still pretty new at this.I haven’t even used my new pump.I go to my doctor on the 13th.I will have 3 days of saline for good practice! I kinda wanted a pink one too,but I would have had to wait til April and I just couldn’t.I am way ahead of the game anyway cause my appointment was on May 1.

Ok, I must be having a bad brain day. Once I saw the colors of the Minimed pumps on their website, but now I can’t find them again. Can someone post the link?

Anyone know how the Minimed skins attach? Are they stickers?

Thanks a bunch!

My pump is purple and I’ve tried the skins twice. (they’re just so darn expensive for a sticker)

Minimed Paradigm Colors. For some reason, they like to hide all of their product shots.

Mine is purple minimed. I always had the Smoke, I wanted something different this time and purple is my favorite color and my birthstone (February). People always think it is a pager or a pedometer. Like who has a pager anymore? LOL. I haven’t tried the skins but have given it some thought.

My little girl uses the skins all the time. She has had jelly beans, flowers and bubbles. They are fun!! She wants the dalmatian next.

Mine is purple!

My daughter just recieved a few skins. She has a blue minimed 722 and we bought her 5 different skins, thinking they were like the cellphone skins that you can put on and off but nope, they are stickers. they look nice though. She has a blue and white hawaiin flower skin on now : )

mine is purple too. I love that, but needed to jazz it up, so I got the watery blue skin - makes me feel a bit tropical. I loved it - but now it’s wearing off at all of the edges and looks a bit nappy. I wonder is there a way to get it all the way off and clean up the pump? What have people tried in that department?