CVS "Advanced" Glucose meter

I wonder if anyone has tried the “Advanced Glucose Meter” from CVS Health. I was in a local CVS store today and noticed this meter. The meter is being sold for $17.99 and the test strips appeared to be selling in boxes of 100 and 200 at $11.99 and $22.99 – that’s less than $0.12/strip (although online they’re still selling at a higher price than that, closer to $0.20/strip).


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You know, I would use on without hesitation. Before going on a sailboat trip, I bought a Walmart job, intending to use as a backup, for the same reasons you are considering.
I have yet to see a material difference between its readings and those of a much more expensive meter/strip. These do lack some convenience features but, no complaints here.

Yes I have purchased the CVS advanced glucose meter, and I really like it. I have compared it to the Verio One touch and the results seem to be very similar or accurate. In addition the CVS monitor was in keeping with the Dexcom, so I purchase the larger pack of strips when I receive the CVS store discount coupon in the mail for even more savings. The format is not as fancy as Verio, but it is nice to have another back up monitor on hand and be able to find test strips easily.

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Looks a lot like the Agamatrix Jazz meter, which I remember being branded under the Target label years ago. We used the Jazz meter years ago and were pleased. Caleb has their Jazz Wireless 2 and have found great results as well.

I think those prices are for 50 and 100 strips respectively. That’s what I saw at my local CVS. Online, I’m finding coupons for 30% off the $11.99 price or $8.39 for the pack of 50. Further, I think there is a shipping charge unless the order exceeds a certain amount.

I’m now researching for a good backup meter/strip combo cheap enough to pay out of pocket.

Here’s the CVS website offering on January 26, 2018 for the meter and 100 strips.

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Plus, this meter was only one of six out of 18 meters to pass a Diabetes Technology Surveillance check. Accurate and cheap seems like a good combination to me. The $0.16 USD per strip is very close to what my copay is on my insurance for a Roche product. As @Lorraine mentioned upthread, this unit is made by Agamatirix, a name that’s been around for a while and has produced quality systems in the past.


Comparable price to truemetrix, which aren’t amazing quality by any stretch of imagination, but worthwhile… if I lived anywhere near a cvs I would be interested in trying them out at these price levels. I’ve looked into them in the past and shipping to where i live was a dealbreaker.

That’s interesting, but I think for a few dollars more, I would get bayer contour next strips on amzn. About $22 per 100 which is similar to regular price on the CVS strips.

Is the 30% discount always there for online purchase, or limited time?

I thought I ordered a Contour Next kit (also passes DTS surveillance) on Amazon but I received the Contour Next EZ meter and strips. I called their 800 number to see if the strip accuracy between these two models are the same. They said the strips were identical with the same accuracy. I didn’t trust the claim and sent them back.

I do see the Contour Next strips for sale on Amazon but I’ve had some difficulty finding the meter. I need to look again.

@Sam19, I appreciate your input as I know you favor the lower-priced strips. It looks like quality is not fully the function of price.

I have several Bayer contour next meters, including the link version made for Minimed pumps, included with my last pump purchase. As long as the word Next is on the meter, they use the newer Next strip.

The Next EZ is my least favorite, and prefer the USB ‘stick’ models.

But sorry to hijack your topic on CVS option, which may be a good option for some.

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My experience with that meter was terrible! Grossly inaccurate and inconsistent. I was actually going through old diabetes supplies the other day and came across that long forgotten meter. Just checked my BG with my Freestyle: 112 then the CVS meter: 208! Promptly threw it in the trash wondering why I hadn’t done it when I first bought it. That could have just been a bad meter though.

Are you talking about the CVS meter or the Bayer/Ascensia model?

I’m sure of it. Thanks for checking though!