Dairy Milk, Soy Milk or Almond Milk?

Which one would you recommend better? I drink between 3 - 4 glasses every day and would like to make the healthiest choice.

I'd guess that of those three almond milk is the healthiest. I'm allergic to milk so have been using almond milk for years. Then I ran into other allergy issues and am avoiding soy and nuts, so at the moment I'm drinking coconut milk, but I'd go back to almond milk if I'm able to reintroduce nuts in my diet.

Do you have digestive issues with dairy products? If not, I see nothing wrong with a good glass of Milk. Everything in moderation.

I also drink unsweetened almond milk. Since regular milk is 13 carbs and the almond milk is 1 or less, I decided that I didn't want to waste carbs on milk. It's also a lot less calories if that is of concern. I found the taste odd at first but now I much prefer it. It foams nicely for my cappuccino which was a deal breaker if it hadn't!

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It does foam and froth nicely! It works perfectly in my milk frother. Sometimes at night I have frothed milk with cinnamon sprinkled on top. I need to try that with coconut milk and see how it does.

I use a hand foamer too, which I prefer to the steamer on my machine. I find the almond milk foams better when it's hot than when it's cold (though that is ok), which was the opposite from regular milk!

Milk fat is bad for the heart, a bad source of cholesterol. But fat free milk is not bad. I use unsweetened soy milk on occasion also a healthy choice. Variety is the spice of life. And eating locally produced food is low carbon.

We usually have Almond and dairy around. When I need carbs, I have dairy and when I don't, I have almond, although sometimes, I like the nutty vanilla (unsweetened...) taste of vanilla almond milk more in coffee...

Like Zoe and Jen, I drink lots of almond milk. I bake with it, too, and I also like that seductively beguiling frothiness. Regular milk is too high in carbs for me. But: I grew up in MN Dairy Country, so, for instance, my daily yummy berry serving (the only fruit I can eat without a spike) is served with almond milk, a generous dollop of no-carb --yummy rich--heavy cream, cinnamon and ground flax seed. I also eat a lot of cheese! Sometimes I think I could almost be vegetarian, but Never Vegan---I am too much of a cheesehead!--LOL....Best to you...Judith in Portland

I've always enjoyed good ol'e glass of milk. But now since I have become carb conscious for better blood sugar control I switched to almond milk. Still trying to get use to the taste. My wife hates it though, she wants regular milk since she not diabetic.

I know what you mean, Tim. At first it seemed worse than skim milk (yecch!), watery. Do try adding that dollop--or more!--of heavy cream! You could also add a tiny bit of vanilla &/or stevia. We really don't need to suffer greatly as we adapt to moderating our carb-intake! Oh--but don't buy the already-vanilla-flavored almond milk. Experiment!.....

I would go with either soy or almond milk.

How do you like your eggs??? Different tastes. Multiple brand names, which one(s) do you like...

My wife and kids love the 8th Continent Chocolate. Most of the Unsweetened Vanilla(s) brands are much better tasting, less beany etc. than their sweetened counter parts.

I don't often post BUT I cannot ignore this thread...

Soy is TOXIC! (except for making a few drugs for women)
I landed in the ER about 10 years ago, the culprit was Tofu. Soy if not fermented/broken down is four times as hard as plastic! They LIED to all of us, starting with the health food movement in the 70's

Google review+soy...you'll discover everyone is figuring out the truth.
BIG cooking oil companies don't want you to know. It's dirt cheap for them to make soy food products and that is that. Soy bashing encouraged! Ancient monks only ate a tiny bit of FERMENTED soy, Miso and Temari soy sauce and ONLY ate tiny amounts as a condiment...this is my riff about the TRUTH concerning soy in a nutshell. Yes, I KNOW some will defend soy, I wish you luck but please read up on this POSINOUS "food" then run from it!

Milk, if you can get RAW milk it is said to be healthy (or at least find the best organic milk, and there are mail order raw milk farms if you can believe that and have the money to order it) As far as carbs and milk, I'm a newbie T2 so I can't go into carbs from dairy milk. Slop milk began 100 years ago, when distilleries began feeding cows the slop from the grains used for making whiskey...this killed 40% of the babies in NYCity around 100 years ago. Then came the roof over the cows (all in one place whiskey milk farms) and they began adding Vitamin D...and on and on...pasteurization kills all the puss and other good and bad flora and well...might as well skip milk or find raw milk. Goat's milk would be great btw.

Almond milk, unsweetened, yes! Low carb, but sadly the added vitamins are considered trash. But at least it's low carb.

At a big box grocery recently I noticed Almond/Cashew/Hazlenut milk...mmmm...also Almond/Coconut milk...those sound good, too.

I wish I could keep a goat and/or a cow! In the meantime... Good luck to us all!

I usually have one glass of 2% milk daily. Otherwise I drink unsweetened Almond milk 2gms./cup. The one I drink doesn't have Vit D but I have been taking D3 tabs for quite a long time anyways and I do get some sunshine in the spring, summer and fall. I like the original flavour but I prefer the Vanilla one in my coffee. I recently tried the coconut flavoured almond milk. It was okay in a glass but I could barely make out the coconut taste in a coffee. I did try one a/m that had Vit D in it but I found it to be more watery. I also on occasion make my own almond milk which is pretty good. I sometimes add vanilla.

A custard with unsweetened Almond/Coconut milk is quite nice.

Almond milk is probably the healthiest but I don’t like the taste of it. So, I prefer to use unsweetened soy milk.

If you're looking for the lowest risk and lowest glycemic load, Almond milk is the way to go. A regular glass of milk has the equivalent of about two teaspoons of sugar in it in the form of lactose. As others have posted, there is an ever growing chorus of health risks around Soy, so why risk it.

I started drinking almond milk, unsweetened, a few weeks ago and I really like it. Normally I'd drink 1% regular milk. Now I find I am alternating between the two, about 50/50. That first mouthful of almond milk wasn't too pleasant but I quickly came to like it. I put it in my tea the other day and liked it that way too. I'm happy to have learned about almond milk from this forum.

To be honest when I use Almond Milk I don't notice a sugar spike, even when its Chocolate flavored silk Almond Milk, the taste is great and I feel like I'm cheating LOL :)