Sugar-free dairy milk?

I am a life-long milk lover. I pretty much gave the stuff up June 2013 when I took control of my diabetes.

I adore whole milk. Back in the day, I could chug down a well-chilled quart in nothing flat after some vigorous exercise.

These days, I have an 8oz glass as a treat every once in awhile. I Googled for sugar free milk before posting this, and came up with nothing really meaningful. Anyone know if such a thing exists, how does it taste, etc.?

The lactose would have to be removed and then replaced with an artificial sweetener. I'm a bit surprised it isn't out there as a standard low-carb product. Only reason I can think of is -- it doesn't work for some reason.

Hood used to have a product called "carb countdown" but they discontinued it. You can create your own version by diluting heavy cream with water. It isn't the same, but pretty close.

There isn't any sugar in milk! It does have significant carb content, however.

To eliminate the carbs I drink unsweetened almond milk. It took a bit getting used to but now I really like it. I don't drink huge amounts of it, just enough for my cappuccino, but I don't count any carbs. The container says 1 carb per 8 oz cup.

I guess it depends on your definition of sugar. Lactose is milk sugar and is a form of galactose and glucose, both of which we would certainly call sugars. I count a cup of milk as containing 12 g carbs even if it is not called sugar. I also agree almond milk is a good substitute, but while delicious, it isn't actually the same. I've not found that almond milk foams like milk or cream for lattes. Do you?

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Yes, I foam almond milk using a hand foamer rather than the steamer on my machine. Interestingly while with dairy milk cold milk foams better than hot, with almond milk it's the opposite.

I don't think there is any cow's milk without sugar/lactose except for evaporated milk, even lactaid which has lactase enzyme added in has 12g sugars/lactose. Lactose is sugar which is why skim milk is one of the things recommended to raise low blood sugar quickly. I think your best bet is to do what Brian suggested, add filtered water to heavy cream which has very few carbs/lactose/sugar. Or you can try the other milks: unsweetened almond milks & soy milk or coconut milk or drink evaporated milk if you like that.

I agree. I use a combo of heavy cream and almond milk on my daily dose of blueberries. That's pretty tasty. I grew up in dairy country and also loved milk at every meal....Blessings

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I've foamed almond milk a lot using an automatic foamer and it works really well. Not sure about steaming, though.

To the OP, I saw "lactose-free" Greek yogurt today while looking for dairy-free yogurt. I didn't look at the carb count to see if it actually had fewer carbs, but if there's lactose-free yogurt out there, there may well be lactose-free milk ...

As a barista, I hate all of you and your almond milk cappuccinos. :P


I have recently started using almond milk. Regular milk sends my Blood Sugar out of the universe. But almond milk has a slight amount of carb. But you must get unsweetened. Its not bad. Which is a lot like saying it is not great but OK. Actually on cereal it is wonderful. Now, no carb cereal that would be an invention. LOL.............rick

As I feared, the answer seems to be "no" :-(

I'll give the diluted cream idea a try, adding some Equal to see how it affects the taste.

Problem is, this is not about milk as an additive to things like coffee (I use real cream for that!!), but rather as a beverage in its own right that I can chug.

I just miss those days. Ice-cold milk is just sooooooooooooooooo good!

There is lactose free milk; in the U.S. it's called "Lactaid". I don't know if that will solve your problem, Dave, because I assume it still has the same number of carbs as regular milk (though I don't know for sure). Have you at least tried almond milk? It will definitely taste odd at first but give it a try for a container and you might find it an acceptable replacement.

No one should drink a quart of milk…:slight_smile:
I drink Horizon 2%…a cup of milk is no problem for me…milk is not a food that spikes me hard! But many things I could pour it on are big troubles. If your using almond milk try Califa Farms it blows it’s compedator’s away…8oz is 4 carbs and it has twice as much calcium as milk…their double espresso is so good it’s hard to stop drinking. It’s thick like milk and does not look watered down if your pouring it over something.

"Their double espresso is so good..." Almond milk that comes packaged with espresso? Espresso doesn't actually have any milk in it.

Try Lactaid-13gm of CHO in one cup.

I love Califa Farms almond milk too although I haven't had it for a while. I haven't tried the espresso/chocolate flavors because they add sugar- I wish they would make one with stevia or unsweetened.... in addition when I drink coffee dangerous things start to happen to me, lol. But maybe I will make my own for a treat by adding the coffee and stevia into their unsweetened almond milk.

So it's the same amount of carbs as regular milk.

Lactaid is the same as having milk, but it doesn’t have the lactose that causes stomach disturbances for people who are intolerant. At least one does not have to give up milk.

Yes, I know that, I was just mentioning the carb count because Dave was wondering if due to the lack of lactose it would have less carbs and thus be more D friendly.

yes, lol.. no less carbs because as far as I know it has lactose in it plus an enzyme that helps people who are lactose intolerant digest it.

Well.. it does say lactose free, so maybe it is? I don't know.. but I think the carbs are the same maybe... it says 12 g sugars, so maybe the lactase is sugar also?