Dating another person with diabetes!

lol!! now that would be a fight worth watching! i myself at times have my own language im told though it sounds perfectly normal to how nice it would be to be understood when in a low!!

I think that I would be too hyper for someone else w/ T1? No one I know pays that much attention to it unless I pass out but I think I would be too obnoxious to anyone else? Plus I'm married? I also probably drink a lot and might alarm anyone more sensible?

Do you take this woman to be your wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, through BG's below 70 and over 200, to love and to cherish, for richer, for poorer, through pump-site failures and drastic increases in co-pays, in sickness and in health, through A1C's below 6 and above 9; from this day forward until death do you part?

I think that Mrs. AcidRock23 should rate as objection number 1...!


I wouldn't have any real issues dating another type 1 (or type 2 for that matter).. It would kind of be great to have such a close relationship with somebody who really understood the disease, although I imagine somebody scrutinising the way I care for my diabetes or disagreeing on my approach to self care would quickly become a source of contention.

I am ashamed to admit that having children with another diabetic and raising a family would give me cause for concern though. I have read in many a journal that two parents with Type 1 significantly increases the risk of inheriting the disease. I really would feel so very guilty if my child became Type 1, this would feel like perhaps I was tempting fate.

My mother was Type 1, so I know how it feels..

I am hoping to breed with an extremely attractive and very healthy Scandinavian type who has never had an outpatients appointment for anything in her life. Not sure what I will be bringing to the table though ha. A stunning sense of humour and a commitment to the greater good? Ha ha ha..

But when it comes down to it, you can't help who you fall in love with! If I feel in love with type 1 and we wanted a family, who is to say I wouldn't... It is not something I would actively seek though.

you know the saying... one can't have their cake and eat it too.

It sounds bad saying I wouldn't.....especially as I am a type 1 diabetic. But I met a great guy and he confessed to being a type 1 too....and oh my god it was the worst 3 months of my life! he was a great guy but a bad diabetic! What ever his doctor told him he knew better, and he was either really high blood sugar levels or I was scrapping him off the floor when he was passed out. But it gave me a really good insight into what a nightmare I can be when my diabetes is going badly! so at least I learnt a couple of you need to look after your health and two I'm a complete bitch! :)

roflmao!! exactly! lol

i had a hard time getting back into social situations after T1 dx just after my 21st birthday... big lifestyle changer... dating was the last thing that i felt comfortable doing and it took awhile. personally ive never met a T1 my age, so i never even considered it.

FYI - in a great relationship now, and was it awkward when i had to explain i had something attatched to me and that i was actually diabetic... hahha she took it VERY well in stride and wanted to learn more..

the best part is when we go places she carries a snack and my supplies in her purse!

I've heard of men marrying women for their money, but for their purse space? LOL

As for me I would date a person with Type 1 but my dating days are waaay over. I've been married to the same man now for 28 years this June. His mom was a Type 2 on insulin so I just felt he would know what to do for me if I went crazy (u know how we get right???) and bless him he has!

lol well heck!! i never thought of that.and i know some woman with big purses!

downside? Each of you will have a one in 20 chance of your child having diabetes alone, together, you're pushing those chances up to one in ten, if my math is right. something to be aware of... but maybe we will have a cure by the time the little ones come around...

Our Daughter who is 23 now is a Type 1 herself. She became a Type 1 at 11. She is now the proud mother of 3 small kids herself (my g-kids!!!

If we're not careful, somebody is going to start a dating group on here!

I'm not interested in having kids (way too old now, but never was), so the only down side I see is that I wouldn't be getting all the attention! (Kidding! Sort of)

Lucky! Ive never found a guy to carry the supplies in his purse so I can carry a cute lil clutch! ha. But I completely understand what you went through. I remember when i starting dating how awkward it was to share, then again I also was prob in middle school. Now it is the first thing people know about me. I wear my pump around with no thought and care in the world to hide it.

I am glad you have found a wonderful gf who understands and helps out! Hopefully more people will see that it is no biggie!

I have been in the same relationship for going on 5 years and sometimes I wish he had Type 1 diabetes. I think about all the times he would just KNOW how I feel and not give me that crazy look. Or not even give me that "I feel sorry for you" look. He would watch what he eat more. My boyfriend can go through a WHOLE damn box of honey buns like its not no tomorrow. Don't get me wrong he is not fat he is VERY skinny and I think that makes me even more jealous and envious lol.

If a man wants to go out with me on a day hike, he'd better offer to carry my D-BAG in his pack! (Just kidding...wouldn't part with it.)

Think of it this way: diabetic women will always have a large enough bag with them for LOTS of "mad money".

I dated a guy like that: two hollow legs and built like a drinking straw.

He could eat anything, any time and he never gained a quarter ounce. I was soooooo jealous.

He was smart, generally kind and cute, though, so I forgave him his superior metabolism.

oh wow! sadly to say this cracked me up! :)