Daughter going to ontario for university

Hi everyone, I am looking for some advice on academic accommodations at Ontario Universities and support for my daughter as we lose JDRF somewhat? Do i get an Endo in Ontario or look for one in Alberta(home) for her to come back to? Any Endos or good physicians to suggest . Schools are Sheridan, York, U of T, Ryerson?

I teach at an Ontario university and actually had a type 1 student self-identify in a class I taught last semester.

While in theory healthcare is supposed to be portable across the country, at an off-campus Ontario medical clinic I once saw a young student from Alberta being given a hard time about using her Alberta health card for services. I thought at the time that such behavior was ridiculous, but provincial selfishness often defies national standards.

As far as I know, most Ontario universities have their own student health services which provide care for the students, so you should get in touch with them as soon as possible.


I see an endo at LMC IN Vaughan which is only a couple of kilometers from York U. I am happy with his work. A doctor referal would be required but that is a possibility.

Look up LMC.ca and call them and ask.

I would seek an endo for her in both provinces, as she likely will be home during the Summer…and may return to Alberta when she has completed her education, depending on her major. Southern Ontario has excellent medical care to choose from. Is Sheridan College at the Oakville campus. Contact Diabetes Canada in Toronto and see whom they recommend. In the interim, look online for recommendations of Endocrinologist in Toronto.

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Yes Sheridan is in Oakville. I didn’t know you could have 2 endos . I will start looking now thanks . I think Jdrf gives a bit of young adult support here I will contact them maybe too.

Thank you I will do that

Thanks for the heads up. I wouldn’t have thought it would be an issue but anything is possible. Overwhelming !

Two endos are possible in your case, since they are in two provinces, and she will undoubtedly require the need for one when the other is not accessible.