Daughter needs penpal

My daughter is 14 years old and is having trouble with her type 1 diabetes. I think it would help her to find someone around her age that she could talk to or even get together with. We are in north east Texas and would love to find someone close. Jamie has been on a pump for 4 years and she just changed from a cosmo to a Medtronic. She hates it! It won't do as much as the Cosmo did and it seams like we are going backwards.I think she needs someone that is going through the same thing as her so she doesn't feel like she is different. Please no boys, a high school age girl would be best. She has lots of friends and is in the FFA but I think she is the only one in her school that is a diabetic. Thanks for any help or suggestions.

Hmm I'm hoping Caren will see this. She is 15 I believe, she's currently on a school trip or something of the sort but I'm sure she would love to help out. Not sure how close to texas she is though...What about a diabetes camp? are there any near you guys?

She went to a camp 2 years ago in Kerville. It is about 3 hours away. I think one on one would be better.

Hmm fair enough! I prob couldn't do camp that far away either. There are usually groups by state and there is a teen t1 group here as well..



Maybe post in those groups to look for someone near you or a penpal. Maybe she can join the site too? We have a lot of teen members too! :)

your daughter could join us here. we have members as young as 13, and the admins/volunteers do a great job of keeping things PG13. we are especially protective of our teens.
http://www.tudiabetes.org/profile/car3n caren is 15 I think, she's a great kid, too

haven't seen Julia in a while, but she's a young woman from Texas, been to diabetes camp there, and I'm sure she would be willing to share any resources with you

Hey! I just got back from New York so I am just seeing this... I would love to talk to your daughter... I am also an only school kid with diabetes.. I am 15 and live in North Dakota... I am also on Medtronic as well. :)

Your daughter doesn't need a 63 year old guy for a pen pal but you can tell her that she certainly isn't alone hating the switch from the Cozmo to Medtronic. I switched a few months ago had a very bad time. On April 30 I pulled out my old pump and have been very very happy. I'm going to use the Cozmo till it dies and only then will I start pumping with the Medtronic again.


We traded in the Cosmo for a $500.00 credit. sure would like to have it back

Hi, I dont know if I can be of any help, but I am a college student with type one. I am also on the medtronic pump. Let me know if there is anything I can do!

I dunno if "one on one would be better" because the probability of finding a "one" who kicks massive ■■■ is sort of limited, given the medical professions' low standards that are applied to goals for PWD. Were she to toss questions out on Tu, she could get answers that have checks and balances and contain dialogues that I find surpass what I get from the doctor, as they can stretch on for a while, if the poster wants to keep them going. To me, that's a big advantage of participating in an online community like this and I moved here from another one and have looked around too but like this one the best.

I'm, perhaps unfortunately, a boy but have a 14 year old daughter and am not unfamiliar with the species. I think tossing posts out can get you what you need with less risk than looking for a BFF or BFFWD, as it were. We are all friendly here. I've met a couple of Tu folks IRL (Dane and drsoosie before the 2012 Chicago Marathon and more kibbitzing w/ Soosie at the Hollywood 1/2 this spring, we had great times, or experiences, I guess we all had pretty good times in the races too, no DNFs!) and will meet some more soon, at the ADA Scientific Conference in Chicago. It was outside of my box for sure but, if I had any questions, I'd ask them here to get an answer balanced. You might be able to ask questions for your daughter but I'd be very comfortable letting someone in her cohort here as I think if there were weirdos, we would have her back and run them off pretty quickly. She's the one dealing with it. I was sort of running my own show pretty much from the get go as I was 16 and my parents were pretty cool about it. It was in 1984 and we didn't have anything like this to interact with people with but I like it a lot.