Dawn Phenomenon: Cider vinegar seems to be working

I’m usually bothered quite badly by the Dawn Phenomenon and can go to bed with a BG of 4.7 (about 82) and wake up at 6.2 (about 114) I got in touch with David Mendosa and read his recent piece on the problem. I bought some Cider vinegar tablets and now after 6 x 300 mg tablets at bedtime, I’m waking up better than when I went to sleep. I’m ashamed to say I’ve been getting up to about BG 6 (108) by the end of the day, but at least I’m waking at 5.2 (about 93) Now I need to tighten up during the day. i’m about to email Tesco ( giant retail company) to see if I can persuade them to start stocking some sugar free products. They do shedloads of fat free and low fat stuff, but low carb diets have pretty much been squashed in Britain. The medical establishment thinks they are dangerous.

Hi Hana,
I actually added a discussion here about apple cider vinegar a while back but no one bothered to comment which made me feel like an idiot.
I’m glad you started this discussion.
Seems like it does work then?
I might give it a go.
Thanks for the info Hana!

I also have Starlix, which I use if I get a high reading. My health authority doesn’t like me to do this, but I’m sure it’s safe. I’ve read(and understood) all the clinical stuff on Starlix. To cover myself I’ve written to Novartis about my unconventional use of their medication. However. the cider vinegar tablets do seem a simple cheap idea. I wonder if their action is why vinegar is a traditional slimming aid?

The sugar free/low carb products ARE dangerous!

They full of carbs excused by various lies on the labels and they will raise your blood sugar. I don’t buy a single “sugar free” product except for the DaVinci sugar free syrups which aren’t carried by markets here.

I’d rather eat an honest carb than one that pretends it won’t raise my blood sugar when it does!

Your markets are full of low carb products. They label them “meat”, “cheese” etc.

I can find the DaVinci Syrups at Walmart, Sam’s or even some coffee shops. I found a lot of new favors at the coffee shops.

I haven’t been able to find them here( England), but /I always read the info panels on anything. I know "??-ose "means sugar. and that some polyols are not safe either.

Starlix is a medication