Day 2 : Rants, raves and other thoughts

A long night last night - crashing again in the middle of the night and swallowing a few glucose tabs to bring the sugar back up, only to voer do it. Ugh. I know it's a learning curve.

Maybe it's out of mourning for the Patriots losing Sunday. Oh well pitchers and catchers report in a couple of weeks! GO RED SOX! (Sorry A's and Giants fans in SF area).

BTW I have created a new group called Diabetes and Homeless. It's designed to help understand how to manage the disease while also working through being homeless. I hope to get support of all members as well as professionalls in understanding it. Having been homeless and trying to cope (not an easy process) it's good to see what others are doing.

Well this is a quick one today so keep on coming in and checking my progress out.


I’ve been homeless myself and I now have no health care but I have a home now so working on this one thing at a time I hope you will be well…I know this process is a long and trying one…