Another day of feeling awful

I am beyond loosing patience with trying unsuccessfully to fight off whatever illness I may have (aside from diabetes). Being diabetic makes it that much harder to fight things off. I’ve become a total germ phobe (to no avail…). People just think I’m overreacting when they tell me that they or their kid is sick and I quickly move away from them. But knowing how difficult it has become to fight illness makes me run for the hills!

You have kindred spirit here, Brian. After months/years of chronic infections that just hang around and wear me out, I really do my best to avoid people with bugs, but they still find me. Not only is it frustrating and wearing but there’s also other costs - like lost work time, not being able to socialise as much, antibiotics, and then there’s the worry that the antibiotics will quit working. I could go on, but I know you understand and can relate. Thanks for sharing your gripe though, as it reminded me I’m not alone in dealing with this crap.

Hugs (virtual ones are virus and bacteria free!),

brian my cousin brian was diabetic and a colon cancer victim he was my very best friend yankee and ny rangerfan a total sports nerd he fought to no avail right up to rthe end your story is amazing,inspiring and informative thank you for sharing

Hi Stanley,
Thanks for the comment. Just curious… do you know if your cousin had been taking Lantus?

my cousin brian was injecting insulin for 30 years dont know if it was lantis all i really know is that i took him to any yankees world series game and a knicks finals game vs houston and we had a great time point is enjoy what you can for as long as you can every day is a blessing