Day 5 on Victoza

Still hungrier then I’d like to be, but not as hungry as I always was before Victoza. Plus my numbers come back down after eating. Seems they always stayed up before Victoza. So I’m still happy with Victoza. Average around 100 - 110 during the day. Testing 5 or 6 times a day through these early days with Victoza so I can get a good read on how it’s working. I’m thinking about sticking with the .06 for another week past this first week. If the numbers stay good, then I’m not sure I need to spend twice the money to go up to 1.2. Don’t know yet if insurance is going to cover all or any of it. I’m still working off the sample my doctor gave me. One pen and 10 needle heads. I’m using each needle head 3 times and don’t see any problem with it. I rinse them off each time.

A bit of stomach upset today and still am having Bowel Movements only every other day. No doubt my digestive system has slowed quite a lot. Am still more tired then usual too. Hope that goes away as my body gets used to Victoza.

Still Loving the numbers though!

Night Night day 5!