V for Victoza or too early to call

This is my 29th day on victoza out of the 29 morning readings 18 readings have been below my target of 7, 11 have been 7 ot higher the highest bein 9.1 and this was on the 11th day I can account for all the readings above 7 by confessing to late snacks very late snacks so put the high readings down to my litle devil in my head.

The outcome has been more aware when you wake up in the mornings less times going to the toilet during the night most of that down to my prostrate problem but overall I have felt on the whole much better in myself.

Cutting down the daily insulin from 160 units to 100 also seems to be having be no regressive effects, true I have had times where i have been down in the dumps but not sure if that anything to do with my drugs or just the sad daily life I lead

So report so far no headaches no tummy aches no aches and pains apart from the ones I already had, clearer mind most of the time less hypo's only 2 during the 29 days, feeling of being fuller before and after meals in fact eating less than I did, after years of growths/warts on my face most have gone now the one by the dside of my nose which the doctor was concerned about completly gone, so lots of pluses looking for ward to the next diabetic checkup in 3 months time.