Dear Peanut Butter

Sigggh you were the one thing that satisfied my vegetarian gut, but sadly you make me chase my sugars for hours after I taste your damn peanut-buttery-ness. I love you and hate you and im sorry to say this but.... I just cant have you anymore and im switching to your enemy - the tub of yogurt. Weve had some good times on our honeymoon you and I… but this just isnt working out anymore, I cant continue on in this love hate relationship with you… therefor I`m putting you in the junk food cupboard with the cinnamon toast crunch for my boyfriend to eat.

I`m sorry

your ex lover:

yup officially going crazy, i`m talking to food…

there’s always almond butter or i think a sunflower seed butter, even soy butter. I love peanut butter, i don’t eat it that much but i would never give it up. Hope you can find a good sub in the mean time. Good luck! It’s okay i had to break up with fudge rounds :frowning: And somebody brought in my favorite cupcakes for work and i said no, then i got desperate and split it with a friend. And actually i found out i really didn’t need it, now when i was feeling low later…i could have ate a million

I will never breakup with food…just find a way around eating it! Love it toooooo much!

robyn has discovered how to be with her love of chocolate without raising her bg, taking a chocolate syrup bath!

Shhhhhhhh dont let them in on my secret! Now it will be all the rage!

sunflower seed butter eh?? that sounds pretty sweet. It seems for no matter how much i bolus for peanut butter around 2-3 hours later my sugar will spike, I once tried chocolate flavored sugar free gum once to curb the chocolate cravings… hahaha… nastiest-thing-ever. I could never break up with chocolate <3

I could not say goodbye to the yummy roasted goodness, it would not release its grip on me.

I have PB toast for breakfast, 2 or 3u of Novolog and get myself to the gym. Maybe you just have to find what works for you.

It wants me to tell you it’s sorry and it misses you.

what kind of peanut butter are you eating? Natural peanut butters with no sugar added work pretty well for me.

That’s what I was going to say! I’m a PB addict and it have never spiked my BS. Try Adam’s all natural. It’s the kind you have to stir first because all the natural oils go to the top but it was wonderful! I buy big Costco-sized containers of it and sometimes eat it by the spoonful.

You don’t have to end your affair Jill!

I love love love peanutbutter…!! I eat crunchy and that doesn’t seem to spike me as bad as creamy…Like Carrie I eat PB toast often and cover just fine with 3 units of humalog. For me PB often serves a my sweet treat…right off a spoon straight from the jar it’s my candy…YUM!!

Hey Jill- as a fellow vegetarian, I feel you. But I do have to ask- are you eating natural peanut butter without sugar? I would think so…so I wonder why that is? (why do we try to figure these things out?) Do you live near Trader Joes? They have a great peanut butter with flax seed which might help because of all the fiber?

2 grams of carbs for unsweetened PB, 1 tsp( or is it 1 Tbsp ??) …Adams all natural , same as what Mari and Brian mentioned …need to be refrigerated …no big deal …even our Rottweiler loves it with her daily Salmon oil pill …jogurt has more carbs per serving , probably because one eats more jogurt , than PB !!

Give up peanut butter? No way! I have been eating Smart Balance Natural Peanut Butter. It helped me lose weight (45 pounds) and kept by bs in line.

Jill - I’m like a few others here - what kind of peanut butter are you eating that it drives your BG’s so wacky. I have to admit - I am a faithful Kraft peanut butter eater. My hips thank it, my stomach (where my needles go in most often) thank it, yadda, yadda, yadda. Peanut butter according to what I’ve read on my nutrition label isn’t high in carbs. Ohhh - and Kristy - crunchy peanut butter - ohhhh - drooling over that.

I could never give up peanut butter! probably one of my favorite snack foods and I rarely see a raise in BG after eating it and I hardly ever take insulin with it unless its on bread

heeey guys! im eating kraft natural pb, no sugar :( but still when I bolus for it on my pump I always get this weird spike 2 hours later. Nothing extreme mind you, just a little higher than I would like. I just love it sooo much though OH MY GOD. haha now when I eat yogurt I don't even have to bolus for it and ill stay from 100-120 most of the time… weird huh

You know I wonder if it has something to do with the fat content hmmm…

OH NO!!! It would break my heart. I am addicted to the SF version (think it’s Peter Pan - blue top). It doesn’t affect my BG.

I’m soooooooooooooooooo sorry.