Deer caught in the headlights

I am bewildered. Over whelmed. Want to say Screw it and eat Mexican food (but I wont) with the tequila (but I wont). I think I will have a glass of wine tonight though.

Have a shot of tequila! And one for me.

One for me too! Hell, I would join you if I could…where ya live??? LOL

I ate a flax meal bun that I make with butter on it, when the pork chop comes off the grill I will have that glass of wine. Grilled pork chop, sauteed mushrooms, and pinot gricio. Not a bad dinner. Cheers!
I’m going to try not to stress anymore today about diabetes!

Sounds delish!

Been there done that on a dark road in Northern BC , Canada …blood sugars around 17 ( x 18 ) when I poked …totally stressed out ; damaged our front fender …were covered by our auto insurance :" deer hit car " …would be different if we had said : we hit deer …it is about samentics and education …Are you OK ???

Dinner was good. Only drank half glass of wine.Blood sugar was 139 2 hours after dinner. Better than yesterday.

I’ve heard from other diabeics that having a small glass of a dry wine once a day helps reduce bg, so why not. I never got into drinking myself for other reasons, but it WILL limit the output of glycogen that often results in higher readings.
OK if you don’t overdo it, particularly if you take Metformin which works in the same way, making the 2 together a bad idea.