Delica or Multiclix?

My multiclix may be nearing the end of its life. There is some kind of sticky stuff on the cap that soap and water or alcohol wipes don’t want to get rid of. I think I need to get a new lancing device and I’m torn. I’ve read one review of the Delica on here and I’m very torn. I like the smaller size of the Delica, but I like the 6 lancet drum, which is the reason I actually change my lancet more than every year. I have a few drums left, but I got them for free to start with, so I’m not throwing money away. Anyone actually make the switch and love or hate the Delica?

I have used both and I prefer the Multiclix. They are both pretty close as far as pain felt when using it. The problem I have with the Delica is I can’t seem to get past 3-4 fingersticks without having to change the lancet. I think the lancets are such a small gauge that the tip bends over on itself much faster. Got enough stuff going on with D I don’t want to have to change my lancet that often. Could be I am also lazy though…no couldn’t be this :slight_smile:

I use the Delica nowadays. I do like it, I find it is pretty painless. The lancets are very, very thin so they do tend to blunt. I find I’m changing my lancets more frequently than my typical once every 2-3 years. I haven’t used the Multiclix so I can’t really compare them. My own experience with the Delica has been fairly positive.

The multi-clix is my main lancing unit - I love the drums and not having to handle sharps and have open sharps when I change my lancet. I actually change my lancet almost every time, thanks to the multi-clix. It is not painful for me for the most part.

I got a sample of the Delica. It is not too bad - but the 33g lancets get dull rather quickly for me - meaning it is not so painful if I change the lancent everytime - which is not going to happen for me. Also, to draw sufficient blood for me it has to be set at a depth setting of four - and it hurts for me this deep. If I set it at 3 - it draws blood, but I have to squeeze more.

I think if I had not used the Multi-clix prior - the Delica would be my first choice. It sits in my back up bag as a spare.

I am sure it you call Acu-check - they would send you a new device free of charge - explain to them your device isn’t working anymore. People have had success doing this.

I like my multiclix as well. I went from changing lancets every few months to every few days. It’s amazing how much a little convenience can change!

I have used both and like the Multiclix. As others have said, I end up changing my lancet MUCH more than I used to just because it’s so convenience (when it starts to hurt I just twist the end for a new lancet). I also like that there are no sharps to deal with.

I do not like the Delica at all. I got mine free with a coupon from the paper. It is the least favorite of all of my lancing devices. I know the idea of the device is to eject the lancet without getting stuck but I seemed to stick myself more than any other device.

I would call and see if they would not send you out a new Multiclix so that you do not feel like you are throwing away money.

I used Multiclix years ago and they were fine as I recall. However I like the Delica a lot because it doesn’t take a lot for me to draw blood. Other lancets feel like a freakin’ spear. I don’t mind changing the needle once a day. Not a problem. The biggest issue for me is to draw the right amount of blood, once, with the least amount of pain.

Multiclix gets my vote.