Healing bones and increased insulin needs

I posted a while ago about my inreased insulin needs after a dental bone graft.

Here I am again with more adventures with bone - not dental this time. I got ambushed by a dog gate 2 1/2 wks ago and broke my right (dominant) shoulder. I do not recommend doing this - have a talk with your dog gates!

A bit more than a week in, my BG started to rise for no apparent reason. 2 1/2 weeks in I'm at +50% basal and still a bit higher than my 'normal'. I'm hoping that my/my dentist's original theory that this is due to some inflammatory response from osteogenesis is valid. I'm osteoporotic due in large part to cancer tx in '05, so am really concerned about healing. My orthopedist, who happens to have a niece with T1, perked up when I told him and plans to do some research. I've found almost nothing on line. Really, I had no intention of testing t he theory!!

Stephen Gilbert commented in my original post that he'd had a similar experience with a broken wrist. Anyone else?

I think that you're right to be concerned about healing. I have decent control but still have intermittent slow healing. I had scraped my knuckle my hand on a guy's running belt in some traffic last October and it didn't really go away until maybe Junish? It was right on the knuckle so I guess it got aggravated by "knuckling" but I would anticipate simlar problems with a shoulder as it's hard not to use your arms!! I have done ok w/ 2x surgeries (umbilical hernia repair and excision of a cyst in my armpit....eeew...) but had antibiotics both times. Generally, if my BG goes up, I take more insulin but how much and all that is really a situational thing for me. I think your dentist sounds pretty sharp and I'd be inclined to agree with him. I certainly hope you get back in action soon!!!

Thanks, AR!

hey sorry for your bad luck. but you are fortunate to be getting good medical care and validation for your doctor/dentist. so many haven't a clue about diabetes. I think it is part of the healing process/ inflammation like your dentist suggested kind of like 'sick day' treatment until things turn around. you are smart to be on top of things I think if you work to keep your numbers in line you will heal quicker also. best of luck! one day at a time with the 'numbers game'. I hope you are not in to much pain and can get out and about a bit to enjoy the fall. hugs, amy

I hope your dentist is right that the healing process is causing you higher BG. It would be nice if this theory could be a proven. For once you might be looking forward to higher BG because it would mean you are healing.

Thanks so much Amy.. yes, I'm VERY lucky to be in an area where there's great med care!

Walked up the driveway today, with my daughter to make sure I didn't fall. As you said...one day at a time ;]

Oh no... I'm sorry this happened.. what bad luck. On the bright side hopefully the high bg does mean that you're healing now.. I found this article which says pwd will take longer to heal from fractures... I think controlling the high bg with more insulin is the way to go because higher bg will slow down the bone production prolly etc. Make sure you take adequate pain control, meds/heat etc. also because reducing the pain will reduce the inflammation reaction in your muscles etc. and speed the healing.

I hope you start feeling better soon :)


Yup, thanks, got the bg control piece - with 160% basal. What I'm looking for is more anecdotal evidence of raised bg with osteogenesis.

I couldn't find anything on that.. maybe your doc will hopefully... it seems to make sense to me though.wow 160% basal is a lot too!