Denver D supt group?

Hey Denverites!

Anyone know of a GREAT group or Diabetes (ADULT) support group in the Denver CO Metro area? Not interested in the lame "woes is me" complainer sessions I've found- want a strong motivated group of people ready to support each other toward better health.

The ADA has a new Adult Type 1 group called A1C.I haven’t been able to attend one yet as I have either been working, or had other commitments. However, it sounds like a lot of fun. The last one was in the mountains, and they spent a day skiing. They send reminders through FaceBook(I think it is a private group), and email. You might want to look into that!

Here is a list of support groups in your area:

Place: Rose Medical Center
Program Name: The Hospital and Center Self-Management Program of Rose Diabetes Center
Address: 4545 East Ninth Avenue, Suite 020
City, State, Zip: Denver, CO, 80220
Telephone: 303-320-2490

Place: The Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes
Program Name: The Pediatric and Adult Self-Management Education Programs
Address: 4200 East 9th Avenue, Box B140
City, State, Zip: Denver, CO, 80262
Telephone: 303-315-6387

Place: Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center
Program Name: Diabetes Self-Management Center
Address: 1719 East 19th Avenue
City, State, Zip: Denver, CO, 80218
Telephone: 303-869-2222

Place: Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes Practice of University of Colorado HSC & University Hospital
Program Name: The Outpatient Diabetes Self-Management Education Program
Address: 4200 East Ninth Avenue, Box B125
City, State, Zip: Denver, CO, 80262
Telephone: 303-372-7260

Thanks for the info! I’ve called about some of the groups you’ve sent- (Rose, Pres/St Luke’s) Rose told me their group is no longer and St Luke’s said that because my insurance is thru Kaiser I wouldn’t be able to attend as there’s “no one to bill”. I will check out the others though! Thanks again!!

bsc, thanks for taking the time to look up this stuff!

Unfortunately, the Rose Medical Center and Pres/St. Luke’s groups no longer exist. It seems that neither hospital wanted to expend the funds necessary to keep the groups going – although, to be fair, no one was attending on a regular basis. In fact, Rose will close its Diabetes Center for similar economic reasons.

Seems a shame that folks get so busy that a monthly hour and a-half meeting is too much commitment. As much I value the Internet and sites like TuD, face time is so valuable yet falling to the wayside. I started a T1/support group through Meetup, but the decline of live interaction generally may be its death knell…


That is crazy. A support group should be about the members, not something insurance pays. It should be about a bunch of people getting together and sharing something in common. You don’t need Kaiser to “approve” it. If you can’t find one, then start one! Meet at Starbucks. To H*LL with them.


Here is a guide on diabetes support groups.

my thoughts exactly! The booklet is great! THANK YOU!

Vicki- let’s revamp your meet up group! Are there still members? Maybe we can get some new people interested- if not a small group of commited souls is a good place to start!

Rock ‘n’ roll, I’m all about vamping!

Send me your thoughts via my page here or Meetup, and let’s light up this cowtown!

Send me a note if you need to be bailed out. I’ll fly in just for the honor.

Well, the handbook does say something about stacking the meetings…

You may also want to check in the RockyDiabetics group:


Funny you should bring this up! I have started a group targeting adults in the past two weeks through the JDRF. Our goal is split between support for the adult t1 community and fundraising for a cure. So far, we’ve had some great results. The thought behind the group is to give positive, constructive advice and motivation to each other as wells as get money to those looking for a cure. Let me know if any of you have an interest. (We’re in Denver)

Yes! When and where? Love to lean more!

If you’re interested in sports or exercise there is a small group of Denverites (and me, from Grand Junction) who meet for dinner once a month. Usually downtown. This is the opposite end of the spectrum from “woe is me”. These folks are loosely associated with Denver chapter of DESA, the Diabetes Sports and Exercise Association. Don’t let the title scare you - I haven’t set foot in a gym or health club in decades, and I feel comfortable with the group. Google DESA, and look for the Denver director’s email. Drop him a note and Mark will respond.

There is also an adult T1 support group that spun out of the ADA in the Denver region. I know a couple people in the group, and I had minor involvement at their startup about a year ago. If you email the Denver office of the ADA they can put you in contact. Or send me a private message on TuD and I’ll get contact info off my work computer on Monday and send it.

Oh yeah, try doing the Colorado Tour de Cure if you have any inclination at all to ride a bike. It’s an awesome place to meet other diabetics. And there is the super-awesome Team Red group made up of all diabetics riding for the cure.

Hey, hey!

This is exactly what I am looking for. So many pity parties out there, but I'm looking to have fun and learn. I'm relatively recently diagnosed 1.5 LADA, so I've got A LOT to learn. But my dietitian is super cool and, although I've never had any talent for cooking, I'm kinda geekin out on it now.

I'm bouncing between the Cap Hill/Wash Park area and Parker. Have you found any groups of people in the area? If I couldn't find one, I was planning on just starting one of my own. What do you think?