Dexcom G4 replacement of battery

My Dexcom G4 had been telling me the battery needs to be replaced. I've only had this unit about 1 year.

Has any one else had the batter wear out so soon?

That's just about right. One year. There ya go.

Same thing happened with my 7+ and my first G4. This is by design.


The G4 transmitter battery is only warranted for 6 months, getting a year is good. Be aware once gives you the alert you only have a few days before it dies completely.
When you order your replacement be sure you are getting a quote for insurance coverage/your fee of just the transmitter.

Also be aware that that few days is very much not guaranteed. I think I got about 2 hours after my low battery warning. (Although mine lasted about 14 months!). Insurance should help you replace it though if your CGM is covered. It's been out of warrantee since it passed the 6 month mark.

The low battery is for the transmitter battery which has an official life of six months. When I received the low battery notification, I ordered a new transmitter. I waited until my next sensor change to change the transmitter which was 10 - 14 days after I received the first low battery warning. I received two or three additional low battery warnings before I started using the new transmitter.

I like that Dexcom has separated the replacement of the transmitter from the replacement of the receiver. I am still using the receiver I received with my first transmitter. It was very wasteful with the system 7 to get a new receiver, when the old one was working fine.

Good Point.
I got my low battery warning first time this morning.
I emailed my supplier right away and hopefully they'll send one my way soon.

Thanks everyone for the information you shared.

I have an HMO so I had to go through the my NP to order a new one. Of course, the order "got lost" somewhere along the way. Mine is still working although I'm ready to throw it out the window because it's telling me LOUDLY that it's time to be replaced. I hope to have a new one by the end of the week. Let me restate that....I MUST have one by the end of the week because I don't have any syringes on hand.

Yes, I'm in the same boat as you. Started seeing the error after about 1 year. The transmitter worked for a few(5-6) more days, after that the receiver status stayed at ???. Changing the sensor, moving the receiver closer didn't help, so I declared the transmitter dead.

Ordered a new one, but it is taking a long time for the replacement to arrive (11 days and counting). Next time I plan on ordering it way ahead in advance, when the warranty expires. This is my first CGM and I'm realizing how attached I am to it (no pun intended ;).

At six months Dexcom had sent me a reminder Email about getting another transmitter. I began the process with my insurance then and it took about a month to get it here. I didn't need it, but heard that once it goes, it may happen quick, and it's good to have your replacement available. When my transmitter died, I had one to replace it; I plan to do the same thing again, when six months comes around and order another to have it here. I feel so fortunate to have it and can't imagine going without it!