Dex G5 Receiver Battery

I got a Dexcom G5 CGM in November of 2016. There have been a few times where I forgot to check my receiver battery before I went to bed, and it died overnight. This is the third time it’s happened. And each time, the receiver will not charge in the morning when I notice it’s dead. I’ve done the reset with the paperclip, and I’ve contacted Dexcom each time. The previous two times I’ve had to send my receiver back and get a new one (I’m under warranty) and I would rather not have to do it this time. I forgot to put my receiver on the charger last night and when I woke up I noticed it died and put it on the charger. 5 hours later it still hasn’t turned on and I’ve done the paperclip reset as well.

Has anybody else had this problem? I really don’t have to get another receiver from Dexcom.

No. I charge it every three days. Treat it like a set change if you have a pump. Put a charger cord next to your bed/nightstand close enough that you can plug it in and have it by you in bed.

I believe the G5 as a lithium battery. In general you should not completely discharge a lithium battery. And the worst thing is to discharge the battery and leave it sitting around. A completely discharged battery may fail to charge. In fact in some instances there is circuity to actually keep the battery from charging from a completely discharged states for safety reasons (like the battery exploding).

My advice is to avoid at all costs letting your receiver completely discharge. If you can charge it and it is getting low then shut it down. I always carry extra battery backups so i can charge any of my devices with a mini USB.

I agree with @Brian_BSC’s advice to keep the G5 battery topped off. I’ve had these receivers last for three years or more. My Dexcom charging habit is to plug it into my computer USB port every morning to upload to the Dexcom Clarity program. While it’s attached to the USB, it is charging. Since I read on my computer for an hour or two each morning, that’s enough to keep it fully charged.