How long can you go after getting "low battery" warning on G5?

I forgot to charge my G5 on a timely basis, so just saw the alert today for “low battery”. Does anyone know how long one can go after getting that alert?

Most people get another 10-15 days and that is what I experienced my first couple of times. My last one though failed 4 or 5 days later.

Oh, I meant the receiver’s battery.

another question. can’t really be sure when the battery is fully charged. so, how long does it take to get a nearly dead battery recharged using the included charger?

From the G5 Users’ Guide, page 347:

Since your battery was not dead, I conclude something less than five hours. I was surprised that the manual says to only use the wall-charger to recharge.

is it your experience that you need close to 5 hours? Today is the first time that the receiver showed a low battery, so I haven’t had experience with charging time under that condition.

I’m sorry @Dave44; I didn’t answer your original question. I don’t know how long you have after the low battery warning that the receiver will last. It’s my practice to charge my receiver every day, but now I read that I’m using an unapproved method, using my computer’s USB port. I believe that the battery will last longer if topped off instead of deeply draining each time.

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I’m just concerned about how long before the receiver shuts off, due to low battery, as I may be away from a charger when that alert pops up. If I’m out, and the alert indicates I still have another 6 hours or so, I wouldn’t be too concerned, but if it indicates I’ve got just an hour or so, I’ll have to do better at not letting the battery get that low.

You might call Dexcom customer service. I reviewed the pertinent sections of the manual and I didn’t see that number.

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On my Dexcom G4 (G5’s daddy), I have gone 6+ hours after the annoying one-tone buzz wakes me up in the middle of the night! Don’t guess they changed this feature in the G5. Also, the G4 screams again as death approaches, so you should be warned!

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I regularly charge our Dexcom Receiver from a portable USB battery. I find it much more convenient and am willing to take the risk of an unapproved charging source. So far no issues.

ah. I keep forgetting I have a Jackery Bar. don’t need it often, so I tend to forget about it. thx.

I’m not sure, because the moment I see it, I plug it in. My receiver only lasts about three days on a charge, so I try to remember to charge it every three days.

Tech support told me to charge it every 3 days or sooner and I did that the first time but then I forgot which is why it got down so low today. It’s kind of hard to remember to charge something up every 3 days. My cell phone gets charged every single night as well as during the day because I use it so much so I can’t really forget that one.

It depends on when you got the first warning. I think the warning tells you how much time you have left- it’s pretty accurate but mine lasted a few days until I got my replacement which I had to have sent express. Unfortunately dexcom has made a decvice which doesn’t keep a record of warnings etc so there is no way to check.

Ok so I thought you were talking about the transmitter not the receiver. And when the battery dies not needs charged. I charge mine while I sleep so it’s not a problem fo me.

I keep this on my waterbed headboard to charge the Dexcom and my Iphone 7+,

It is a quality product. My transmitter has a couple of weeks, so I would like to know how close it is to the actual 2 weeks if anybody has insight? I restart my sensors and use them for two weeks and usually don’t have any issues, but I keep mine dry using these for showers,

I cut out an oval piece of Bounty paper towel to cover the sensor and adhesive, otherwise this material will really stick and pull them off. The sensor always stays dry for a shower, never tried in a hot tub or bath, but I’m guessing it would work fine.

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That sounds like a really really good idea. Thank you