Dex receiver for dance class? Where to put it?

Hi All, Kennedy has been asking when we are getting her dex and she has started back her competitive dance season, and we are trying to avoid lows in class for her, she has auditions and choreography almost every weekend coming up this fall. She has gotten used to the idea of wearing the extra hardware in addition to her pod, but i just told her today that the receiver only works within, what is it 5 foot range? For her to have meaningful readings during her dance class which are two to four hours, will it be enough to have it on the side of the room and have her pass by it every so often as they are going across the floor? How long will she have to stand there for the bs to come through? briefly? 15 seconds? a whole minute?? curious... I don't think she is ready to keep a THIRD thing strapped to her completely during the whole class.. I imagine that an ipod arm band case would work well... What do other competitive athletes do? swimmers? etc... any and all thoughts, stream of consciousness or otherwise appreciated!!!

Arden uses a SpiBelt for everyday wear and softball. Works great!


Line-of-sight is more important than distance. Given your requirements I would wait for Gen4. Gen4 will be able to bridge a couple hundred feet when there is line-of-sight.

Hey Scott! How are you? I checked out their website, it looks cool and very slim and not too " diabetes- ish" Kennedy is 12 now and things do really have to look cool, I'm not sure how she'll take wearing it when they have on tiny spandex and tiny dance tops, it will definitely show... ![|375x480](upload://3bZZdaQATY7AbKTQsKv4HmNpazW.jpeg)

hope arden is doing well!! I'm about ready for this artificial pancreas thing... you?

She spins it around to the back and it sits in the small of her back while she is playing. She doesn't notice it. I hope you find something that works!


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We have had some cases where the Dex will pick up our daughter 20-30 feet away and others where it won't pick her up when she's 10 feet away. I suspect that if it is at the side of the room while Kennedy is dancing, it will pick her up. Otherwise, she could wear a funky colored spi belt with it in?

I had her look at the spi belts last night and the link Scott sent looks wearable, shiny and pink, also there’s a silver one that looks pretty cool

I would say try keeping the receiver on the side of the room. I have had my receiver pick up signals when I am on a different floor, but I have also had it not work from my pocket.

I think it could take up to 5 minutes for the receiver to pick up a reading from the transmitter and any readings that the transmitter attempted to send that were not received would be lost.

Will Kennedy even be able to dance with the receiver on a SpiBelt? My daughter danced, and I don't see how she could do lyrical/contemporary or acro without injuring herself.

How cooperative are the teachers? Do you think they would be willing to hold the receiver during class? With the receiver on the side of the floor and music blasting, I would worry that Kennedy would not hear an alarm. I have to rely on the Dexcom alarms to keep me safe because of hypoglycemic unawareness. If she is hypoglycemic aware, then it shouldn't be much of a problem.

I have experienced that teachers who are also mothers tend to be more understanding and helpful. The teachers that gave us the most grief tended to be the ones without children who treated the children like miniature adults. I would also worry about asking a teacher to hold the receiver in fear of the teacher refusing to let my child remain on the competitive team.