At a dance convention this weekend, our first with dex, wow what a difference, this thing goes through dressing room walls, across a 50 ft stage!!! Have averted almost every low, aside from while we were on a shopping run at sephora and k had her coat shoved over her purse and we did not hear alarm, BUT I have Kennedy’s dance teacher and the moms complaining g about dex showing in her costumes… “can’t you move that thing”. no, we can’t Fu##%*+^ move this thing right now!!!’. When will I realize that nobody else (besides doc and you guys) give a ■■■■ about her diabetes??? Once I realize not to expect anyone to have empathy for her, and to realize that that dex showing on stage has potential to make their kid look bad, then I will be ok… Anyway sorry for the rant, but it is just so frustrating to me!!! He teacher said to her " this is going to be a big costume problem".

Just shaking my head. It is nice to be part of a community that get it. I share your excitement about the range of the new dex.

Thanks guys, this teacher focuses her energy on the best girls, Kennedy’s dancing is inconsistent, partly due to diabetes lows, partly just her temperament, (she does not have the killer temperament to dance at the highest level). She is just happy to be there and to try… We will pull her out at years end, I think… Just do regular classes, or something else…

I think it is frustrated that people still dont understand the dangers of DIABETES! The lows or highs that come with it. I think it is mean to say that, You know what is best for her and they all need a class on diabetes or I would change dance schools!

Being a former dance dad, their reaction is exactly what I expected. Most teachers don't care anything but how the number looks and the scores. Most parents only care if their kids win. There are exceptions to the rule, but they are few and far between.

Looking at the costumes (and of course each one is form fitting or exposes skin in a different place) can you find a spot for the next competition that is less obvious. You could alway ask the teachers/parents if they would prefer that your daughter collapse on stage, but then they would probably want to kick her out of the compettive class.

Continue doing what is best for your daughter - you're a good mom. Perhaps you can find a school that is less cut throat that goes to competitions, however you and your daughter will probably have to settle for lower scores.

Natalie - i feel you. Sometimes it's even worse when they CAN'T see the device.

So much science on the metabolic causes (which is great), so little science on the quality-of-life effects (which is ridiculous).

To others, this disease usually looks like a poodle although it can become a wolf at a moment's notice. We need to be vocal about who we are and explain, explain. It is very hard not to feel like the appearance of normalcy to others most of the time means that we should feel normal most of the time, and that anything less is some kind of character defect.

There are much more important reasons for your daughter to keep loving dance and physical activity than looking pretty on a stage. But knowing that this activity may not be her "thing" today provides more opportunity to encourage her to look to herself for the activity that is.

Thanks everyone! I feel better already!! I’m ok with her not being the best, but I know the other parents don’t share my attitude… I will talk to her teacher and see how she does for the rest of the year…

Your daughter is lucky to have a Mom who cares so much. The dance teacher is not very thoughtful in my opinion. Maybe the teacher would rather deal with your daughter collapsing on stage than deal with a minor costume problem? Keep up the good work and kudos to your daughter even if her dancing isn't perfect.

I’m sorry to hear about this. Stay strong, and remember Kennedy is sure to grow up a stronger and more understanding person than the majority of folks out there growing up with the D.

The teacher should be fired! I for one will listen to your rants if it helps. I think all of the group here will listen. We have two ears and one mouth. Means we should listen twice as much as we speak.

BTW, what is the "mission statement" for the dance activity -- a Broadway level production or dancer development? If it is dancer development, the teacher is all WET.

I have a humble idea for the next time. Try cutting a hole in a thin soft sponge or two to make a layered "ramp" all around and maybe over the transmitter bump. To bevel the edges, freeze a wet sponge and sand it outside during a cold snap like most of the nation has this weekend.

Boy this brings back memories of the dance studios and those moms... they can be brutal. My daughter does not have diabetes and danced for about 14 years but she did not have that competitive cut throat temperament either. For her, it was exercise and fun and something she was "pretty good" at (but not the best).

Every year I would ask her, "Is this something you want to keep doing, or do you want to try something else" and every year she wanted to go on for the love of dancing. Other moms would always comment that she always looked so happy when she danced. She never had any desire to be on a competition team though.. she always said that the girls on competition teams couldn't be involved in other things at school because of the traveling to competitions.

With your guidance, I'm sure Kennedy will find her "balance" of activities that make her happy. It sure is hard on the mom though! :) I know you just want her to be happy. Try not to let those crazy dance moms get to you... easier said than done, I know.