Dexcom 4 machine won't charge

Somehow the little piece that connects to the charger got dislodged and now won't charge. Has anyone had this happen and could they fix it without sending it back to Dexcom?

The dexcom G4 uses a micro USB connector and you can use any micro USB charger if your cord is broken. I use my kindle charger, or my phone charger, or even my pump charger. You should be able to get one at any electronics store, or try the box stores like walmart, staples, office max, best buy etc. You might get lucky at the supermarket, mine has phone cards and chargers, and some small electronics, etc.

If it's the socket that is broken then you will need to send it back.

Thanks so much! That is very helpful. Sorry to say it is the socket!

How did you manage that?
I would call dexcom, they will FedEx one out with a return mailer for the busted one.

My receiver was replaced 3 times last year under warranty all because of issues related to the charging port.

Thanks so much, this is very helpful. DianaS said it happened to them too. It was fine and this morning was
unable to be charged because the insert area had fallen into the machine.