Dexcom 5 and Cell Phone Not Connecting

Hello All,
I am having a few issues with my Dexcom 5 receiver and my Galaxy 6 connecting. I don’t know if I should call Dexcom with the complaint. It seems about 1/2 the time there is a message on my phone for a “signal loss”, yet my Dexcom is only inches away from my cell phone. When I am not connected to my phone, the receiver works just fine. When I am connected to my phone, I have periods when the receiver has no data. I am due for a new Dexcom and am thinking of going back to the 4 as this technology is not refined enough for me right now. Is anyone else having this issue and what did you do about it if you did?

I checked the Dexcom website that lists compatible smart phones for its G5 system. It listed both the phone model and the appropriate Android operating system level.

Samsung Galaxy S6 (Android 6.0.0-7.0.0)

Do both of these items apply to your situation?

Bt is not the simple black-box wireless-connector widget that we tend to think it is. There’s actually a lot to it–different profiles, a “light” version some devices use, etc. Lots of things can cause Bt glitches; interference or distance is just the one everyone knows to check. Making sure your phone’s version is up to date is also important (pretty sure just keeping your OS current should do that), as version mismatches can cause problems. If your same phone was happier with your old G4 than it is with the G5 that might be an issue. There can also be issues if you have too many devices paired (the fewer the better). And Android lets you make sure each device is configured only to use the services it needs (e.g., your Bt headphones don’t need text messaging), so that’s worth tweaking. Can’t do it in IOS, alas. Pretty good overview here:

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Yes, I believe they do.