Dexcom Alarms -- Problems Receiver or Transmitter?

Wonder if this is a Receiver problem. Our first Receiver inconsistently alarmed. We are new Dexcom users. We do not get consistent vibrates and beeps for low alarms. Woke up for work at 5 a.m. Sis had checked my niece at 3am, she was in the high 70s and she had given her a juice plus reduced temp basal. I look at the Receiver and see 55, no beep. Fingerstick low. This is the very first time we have had a low on the meter. Gave her two jucepacks. Did not even touch the Receiver but sat next to it drinking my morning coffee for twenty minutes. Not one peep out of Dexcom, even though BG number remained 55. Took fingerstick which was now 88, cleared so I could cal and number said 34! Entered cal. The word “low” came back where the sensor number usually is. Ten minutes later BS 148. Since our last Receiver inconsistently alarmed as well, could this be a Transmitter issue? Or is Dex having problems with their Receivers (I know they had a recall on their sensors).

First of all, If you hit a button when you are low it will not alarm. The Dexcom only vibrates first then beeps if no button is hit for a certain period of time. It then goes to snooze time which is 1/2 an hour. You need to double check that all alerts are set to vibrate then beep. The lowest snooze time is 1/2 an hour. It could be that someone is hitting the button after it vibrates but before it beeps. I think it is 5 minutes. It vibrates then gives 5 minutes to respond. Then it beeps. once you hit the button need to wait 35 minutes till next beep.

Yes, I have noticed that. No one is hitting the button to snooze the alarm. DN sleeps right through everything, including finger-sticks. I was a bit confused because the Dexcom tech told me it should beep “continuously.” But the vibrate (which my niece does not feel since it is on her nightstand, and she sleeps through everything anyway) and the one short beep does not cut it for us either! My sister and I are up until 3am anyway and we will just keep checking, but at some time we do have to get some sleep. We trade off on DN’s care. I get up at 5 a.m. before work and she will catch a 7am alarm on other days. So far, not too bad but this was a very bad low. We need to hear those alarms when we turn in for the night! Am getting my bowl of change ready to put Dex in, have Baby Talk monitors and wireless mike from Radio Shack. Am very happy with Dexcom otherwise as (1) she wears it with absolutely no complaint and (2) even when it is not super accurate (none of them are), I can still figure out what to do based on the trending information. But I did think the 55 alarm would beep without stopping until you pressed a button on the receiver. I want the alarm a LOT louder as well.

Update: Still having issues. Dex tech support now identified the problem as the transmitter. I love how Dexcom stands behind their product and will work with you until the problem is solved. New transmitter in the mail and we will try that. Dex has been working about 50 percent of the time for us, with hours where we lose contact or get inaccurate readings. Even 50 percent helps a lot, and we’ll take it.!