Dexcom and Copilot Health Management Software

Any of you Dexcom users using the Copilot Health Management Software? We are an Omnipod user and use the Copilot Software as our logbook. I have noticed that the Navigator uses the Copilot Software (only makes sense since this is a Abbott product) so why not Dexcom. Allow the Dexcom values to be downloaded directly into the CoPilot software. So I am wanting to see if anyone is possibly exporting the CGM values from the Dexcom software and importing them into the Copilot software or someone has tried but failed.

I use Dexcom, but not Omnipod/Copilot. Dexcom has it’s own software to download and generate reports. But there is an option to extract to xml or tab-delimited files. Does Copilot have any option to import from file ?

I have exported files from Dex DM3 software, and then into excel and it worked fine.