Reporting App

I don’t like the Clarity app for my Dexcom G5 for several resons, one is the reporting to Medicare! Who uses diasend to share your information with your Doctor? What do you think of it compared to Clarity! Personally I like it better because you can upload CGM, GM and pump info. Also it shares the the information to my outdated smartphone and Clarity won’t. Any reason I shouldn’t quit using Clarity? I don’t see why I need to use it!
I am trying diasend and think I really like it!
I download to my laptop and it shares to my smartphone! And I can share it with my Doctor.
Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated!

We use both Clarity and Diasend.
Our Pediatric Endo accesses both remotely via Doc access codes. (ie - we don’t need to bring data or devices with us).

(This is not any secret back door data access - we had to choose this and provide codes to allow the Doc to access - it all seemed very above-board, legit and secure.)

IMHO, the Diasend provides more comprehensive and integrated reporting while the Clarity provides a better reporting focus on the cgm data.

I like both - so can’t choose between them.