Dexcom Clarity uploader update

When I plug in my Dexcom receiver, it triggers the Dexcom uploader to shift my data to the server. On the first Dexcom Clarity screen that appears, I get this message at the top.

The Dexcom CLARITY uploader may require an update. Please click the Update Now button below if you have not done so already.

I don’t see any “Update Now” button on my screen and the everything else seems normal. I have not otherwise updated my uploader recently. I suspect that button is missing because my uploader is already up to date.

It would have been nice for the wizards at Dexcom to add a few more words and say that if you don’t see the Update Now button, then you don’t need it – you’re good to go.

Anyone else with these same symptoms?

I have this same message at the top of my Clarity report and view it as good news. There is a close button that I can hit on mine but does not really make a difference if I close or not. The last time this message appeared was when Dexcom was upgrading from the G5 to the G6. Those of us that stayed several extra months on the G5 to build back up G6 supplies just had this message which we all ignored. When we finally converted to the G6, the upgrade became active and for a period of time was showing both the G5 and G6 results.

I hope this means within the next few months the G7 will become available and this is just the beginning of the transition process.


Are you using the G6 app on your phone in addition to your Loop? Since that automatically uploads your data to Clarity, I’m confused why you are bothering to upload your receiver.

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Thanks for the question, Laddie. I didn’t really know the answer and I’ve been using both the receiver and the G6 app without even considering that question.

If I don’t upload my receiver to my laptop, I do not get the BG updates. So I went to review the Dexcom Clarity User Guide. I found this explanation on page 18 that addresses your question.

It’s funny that I ended up in this situation because I remember when Medicare approved the use of the G6, it made a big deal out of insisting that beneficiaries use the receiver at least occasionally, as it provided the rationale to justify the system as “durable” and qualify for Medicare Part B coverage. Seems they’ve turned a blind eye to that circumstance and that’s a good thing for those who want to simplify.

Clarity’s web-based program that I view on my laptop is more convenient for me to use with it’s larger screen. Yet I use both systems every day. And I like the redundant back-up that the receiver provides if/when my phone dies and leaves me stranded, temporarily cut off from my glucose data.

Because of the inertia of habit, I never thought about just going with one data source for Clarity. Your question made me realize that all I would need to do is just remove the G6 receiver as one of the data sources and then I think my system would act like yours.

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Thanks for that observation, CJ. I was in the same situation as you but my memory of that message has dimmed. In fact, I held back from upgrading to the G6 because I preferred the G4 and wanted to use up my G4 supplies while I built up my G6 stock.

Sometimes a browser won’t show things like that, particularly if you have any kind of pop-up blocker or ad blocker installed. Try opening the page in a different browser and see if it’s different. I’ve had similar problems with Dexcom’s site before using Firefox, but when I switch to Safari, everything shows up.

I appreciate your suggestion. I am almost exclusively using Safari; I’ll try using Chrome and see if anything changes.

Edited to add: I loaded up the Dexcom Clarity website using the Chrome browser. Still no “Update Now” button.

Rereading the short message that appears.

The Dexcom CLARITY uploader may require an update. Please click the Update Now button below if you have not done so already.

Perhaps my uploader may not require an update. And maybe I have already done so.

This is not worth any more time or attention from me. I appreciate the help and feedback that everyone has given me!