Dexcom schedules Clarity update for 1 April 2018

Ever since I updated my Mac operating system to the High Sierra version, my Dexcom uploader mostly stopped doing its job. It’ll often hang early in the uploading process. This bug has been known since last fall as @mremmers commented about last October.

I held back with this iOS 11 update since I was also aware of some compatibility problems with Loop, my automated insulin dosing system. When those Loop/Mac OS problems were solved more recently, I updated to High Sierra a few weeks ago. Then I couldn’t upload my Dexcom receiver to Clarity. I did discover, however, if I repeatedly connect and disconnect my receiver, it would often upload successfully.

I called Dexcom and they acknowledged the problem and said they were working on it and they planned to distribute the fix on April 1, 2018. I responded with, “Really, April Fools Day??!”

All joking aside, they do plan an Uploader release on April 1. Here’s their note embedded in the Clarity program.

I know I use Clarity more than the average Dexcom user. I upload almost every day and look at the one day, 14-day, and 30-day data as well as AGP reports. It helps me to identify needed changes to my insulin sensitivity and insulin to carb ratios.

I sure hope that their long-delayed fix works!

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Love the timing. What can possibly go wrong, go wrong, go wrong? :wink:

I can’t remember exactly the thread where folks were discussing whether they were having issues, or not, and what they did to get the uploader to work, or not. But like others I found that when I used a more recent version of the receiver it uploaded to my MacBook Pro, 10.13.3, no problem. I had a non-related receiver issue that required a replacement. So, one dated 10/17, didn’t work. The new one, dated 12/17, worked. I changed nothing else. Are we having fun yet?

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I feel SO stupid for having bought my wife a $2K Macbook Pro about 3 years ago. We have had so many issues with apps and I hate the interface (I’m the one who has to deal with all the glitches–not her). Since the recent Mac OS update, both Clarity and Medtronic Carelink uploads fail to work and both companies have confirmed that there is an issue. Furthermore, even on my Win 7 machine, I can only use Internet Explorer to upload to Medtronic’s Carelink. No workaround for Firefox or Chrome. The only time I ever open IE is to do a Carelink upload.

Yesterday, having yet another issue with the Macbook I offered to buy her a Windows laptop but she doesn’t want to spend another $1-2K so soon after having bought the Macbook. I feel there is so much aggravation for the two of us over the Macbook that I feel it would be worth the monetary loss to just get her back into the Windows world. oh, and she also prefers Windows–she just doen’t want to spend the money.

I am a big fan of cheap used laptops.

I have purchased a number of used Dell laptops from eBay in the $200 range.

I’m thinking about the 4K 15" Dell, but it’s at the top end of the price range–nearly the same cost as that infernal MacBook Pro. The only reason I bought her that thing was because I wanted to get her a lightweight, SSD equipped laptop. At the time, If I got her a Windows machine I would have had to replace a HDD with an SSD, plus the 2015 models were more bulky/heavy and the cost wouldn’t have been much lower.

I tend to start at the lower end of my price range and if I don’t see anything, give up and come back to it in a couple weeks.
As you got me thinking about it, I just now see a used Dell E7240 on eBay. $180 including shipping. I might pick that one up. I have somebody that could make good use of it.

But point being - lots to look at if you are looking to spend less. Obviously if your budget allows then you can spend more and get a system finely tailored to your preferences.

Whether new or used - choices are great.

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I think she can get by with a 256 SSD. If she doesn’t want 4k, I could get her a cheaper 15" model, by far. I think I should find a store that has a 4k screen so that she can compare.

Good luck and happy hunting.

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@Dave44 there are also quite a few choices for new Win laptops that have SSD’s and are lightweight at Costco & Amazon.

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thanks, i’ll check them out.

The problem I am experiencing is not due to Apple, it’s due to Dexcom not keeping step with Apple iOS update. Clarity is an integral part of my personal diabetes system. This glitch made me realize how much I depend on it.

April 1st is only a week away. Dexcom does a great job for me. I can be patient!

By the way, I was once a die-hard Windows and PC user. I just got tired of all the anti-virus updates and constantly defending my system from the bad guys. I rarely have to think about that issue with Apple. I also like that my iPhone, Mac, and Apple Watch all work together. Loop is also Apple-based.

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I don’t have any issues with Windows security updates. I don’t get viruses and I get free Norton virus scanning from Comcast. I haven’t had a virus on a computer since the late 1980s and that was when I had to insert my diskettes into other computers. That’s how we got viruses back then.

I like my Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch because it has a 2 megapixel camera and and an IR Blaster. Neither of those things are available on any of the new watches from either Apple or Android. It is great to be able to control our TV from our wrists when we are not close to the remote

2k for a laptop??? - 400 bucks gets you more then you will need

Enable the “develop” menu on Safari, go to the “Run As” menus, and select Windows or and older version of MacOS. Carelink will work fine.

As to Dexcom, they have a ■■■■ poor reputation for buggy software. They just released their latest iOS “fixes” that didn’t fix what they claimed. Don’t hold your breath.

Or, install Windows on the MacBook. It will be the best Windows machine you ever used. It will install and run without any special drivers.

BTW @Terry4 - uploader is working fine on High Sierra for me.

My gaming laptop was about 16 or 17 hundred. We have different needs then perhaps you do so don’t mock the price

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We never use Safari.

When my relatives ask what laptop they should get, this is the first question I ask them.
Are you going to run games.
Second question.
Are you going to run new games (within the last 6~12 months) or older games.

@Dave44 - I totally agree. If you want to run the newer games on a laptop then you want performance.

If you are mostly just browsing the web and doing MS Office (which is realistically what the majority of people do) then you can save a chunk of money and buy a lower priced and slower performing laptop.


Then turn it into a Windows PC

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I thought of that in the past. Maybe I should revisit the idea

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Personally, I wish Dexcom would bring back the old software, Studio (I think). I liked it much better and could do more things with it.

Also wish they would get rid of the new, bigger, obnoxious touch screen receiver. Can you image how difficult it is for a person with vision problems?

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