Can't log into Dexcom Clarity

Can’t log in, and even the “send me a new password” links don’t work. Not a huge problem for me—I just use it for Sugarmate—but it means Share can’t get data, which could be a big problem for some. Anyone else having issues with it? Looks like it’s been out since about 4:15 this a.m.

I had this problem a few weeks ago. I was told they were updating their servers and the problem would go away in 24/48 hours. It did eventually fix itself, I wasn’t happy about it.

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Just tried as well - can’t log in either - guess it’s a server issue

Same here - out since early morning 8/22/2019

Same here. I noticed when GlucoGram stopped working.

Clarity working fine for me this morning (logging in from Canada 6:28am MT)

USA makes use of the UAM1 servers.

I assume you @Jimi63 or not on those?
(url in your browser)

I can log into again. Seems to be sorted

I had access a couple times then not again.

Just tried it again, with success. Does Dexcom have servers in different regions of the U.S.?

lol - I would HOPE so?

For an organization this size to only have one set of servers in a single room would be extreme negligence on the part of IT staff.

There are clearly the UAM1 and UAM2 for US and OUS but where they physically have them - that I have no idea.

The reasonable assumption would be that they DO have servers scattered around for physical redundancy purposes.

On the other hand there are logical issues that can immediately be replicated to all sites such that every issue is not solved by having multiple physical locations.


I was unable to get in when you first posted that you were in.
I tried after reading your post.

But the data suddenly started coming through for me now.
I then tried the main Dexcom Clarity and it let me in now.

Whether it is letting everybody in or slowly people are gaining access again and whether it is stable is still a question.

my Clarity url is

Where does it send you AFTER you click that link.

I hope you’re right about the IT staff decision making. I use a VPN that is set to the Los Angeles region, I’ve been able to log in. I turned off the VPN and I still can access Clarity, I don’t know what server I’m accessing for the area I’m in.

lol - Yeah. I do similar and bop my virtual location around the world.

I want to at least make it challenging for somebody looking to track me down.

I’m with you on that. We use Viki to watch all the TV shows from southeast Asia. You need a VPN to virtually place you in the area to be able to watch the shows without being blocked.

Yes, it’s back up for me now too (in MA)

I’m unable to use the Dexcom upload function when I connect via the data cable to my laptop. For the last hour I’ve been getting these three error boxes in quick succession.

The Facebook groups have been commenting on this outage since last evening. I’m on the US west coast.

Loop is working in offline mode, Apple Health is unaffected, and my NIghtscout site is operating normally.

There are no redirects upon login. The IP address is, (Mountain View California)