Updating G6 on Apple iPhone

Does anyone check with Dexcom first before they allow Apple to update your phone? My husband has been calling Dexcom almost daily to see if it is ok to update to 13.4. Just today they OK’d that update and this afternoon Apple said it’s time to update to 13.6.

I’ve never checked. Apple releases beta’s to developers for testing several weeks before releasing to the public. I expect Dexcom to test ahead of time and alert us if there is an issue before the release.

I don’t have any info but I would assume Apple/Dexcom have a direct line of communication because any breakage would be bad for both companies.

Safest thing to do is wait for Dexcom to approve an iOS version but that probably means you’ll be many months behind on your iOS updates.

Personally I don’t really worry about it, if it breaks I bet it gets fixed really fast!

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I update my Apple last night and all still works.