Is anyone in the US and canada not able to use diasend? I was told by animas canada (dex provider here) that diasend was no longer approved for dex and that it wouln't work to upload but everyone I know in canada has no issues while I am not able to upload at all and I have NO clue why. I've put the serial number in, re-downloaded the software, etc and nothing works. It keeps not recognizing my receiver.

Alicia , I am Not being too computer savvy and neither do I understand all the lingo . I as a recent DexcomG4 user was able to download ... I called the tech helpline 1-866-406-4844 to guide me into changing mg/dl to our Canadian format mmmol/L ...click on option , right hand corner and one can re-set ...hoping this is helpful : http://www.dexcom.com/dexcom-studio

just received in our inbox from Animas http://www.animas.ca/dexcom?utm_source=%20DexcomStudioEn&utm_me...

What a timing , ha, ha

Works for me on my Mac and I am In Canada. Dexcom studio however have to use parallels using win 7

I’m in the US and just uploaded to Diasend and the cgms tab is active. Yeah!! I was able to upload my Dexcom along with my Ping and view all of the data.

I got the email too but I have a MAC so can't use dexcom studio! And I'm not tech saavy enough to run the program to use windows for a MAC computer LOL. I'm good..but not THAT good. I was so frustrated today because everyone who is a dex user in canada that I know is able to use diasend and I have NO idea what the issue is. Going to try to get my hands on a micro usb cable and see if that is the issue perhaps. I called tech support today and I got one rude customer service girl and then I got transferred twice and was on hold forever so I just gave up :( I'm gonna call again when I have nothing else to do so I can just not mind being on hold.

So weird that it's working for others...maybe its my cable..

I just had to google Diasend because I am curious !! ...and located this http://www.animas.ca/diasend

Apple computer running Mac OS® 10.5.7 or laterWireless download cable (sent with your Animas® Pump Kit). Call Customer Care at 1-866-406-4844 for cable inquiries

I’ve been using Diasend for a few years now. Some time ago, Diasend disabled the Dex CGM data tab. I called Diasend and they told me that Dexcom users in the US could not upload data due to an FDA regulatory rule.

I worked around that by signing up using the Italian Diasend. Italy uses the same mg/dl format as the US. I’m happy to read here that US users can now see their Dex data.

I love having meter, pump (including carbs), and CGM data integrated into reports. They are the best comprehensive reports available, in my humble opinion.

To the original poster, I suggest calling Diasend directly for help. I received good response from them.

I was having trouble with my Dexcom and then tried something. Plug your cable into your Dexcom before you plug the cable into the computer. That got things working for me. Just ignore the box that says plug in cable first.