Dexcom frustration....with the company


I know I was so relieved, it came just in time for my second IUI.

I hope you don’t go through what I did and get your’s quickly!


Thanks @ginny_e. me too. A person would think that if they have to do an insurance verification for.sensors, they might want to include transmitters in the check also. Apparently no one but the patient thinks ahead, since other than financially any delay does not impact their daily lives. Sigh… Rant over…

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Weeeellll, I’d like to change the title of this topic to Dexcom… the nightmare that never ends.

I just got a bill from them, it looks like they either 1) didn’t bill my insurance, or 2) charged insurance for the transmitter they shipped to Texas, and then sent me bill to for the one they actually shipped to me


@ginny_e… Look under the totals column… Somewhere near there it usually states in italics. “the balance has been submitted to your insurance”.

I think the statements are deceptive, almost like they hope to be paid twice - once by the consumer and once by the insurer.

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I’m really glad you said something, I think this is the case. I may have left an angry voicemail though…

I just relooked at the invoice and had my husband look to (I’m so fed up with the company I’m not exactly impartial), and we both think that it is what was submitted to insurance. It’s insanely cryptic though. We had to piece it together, by the fact they didn’t include an envelope, instructions on payment methods etc…, it had the insurance code, and insurance discount (why would they do an insurance discount if they just billed me). But, there was a line that said pay this invoice! Which is what I saw, but also an asterisk that said remaining amount would be submitted to insurance. So unclear! They need to do some major overhauling of how they do things. I’m including this in my letters to the board of directors.

Thanks for this insight at least I can not worry about it now for the long weekend.


Dang it- the nightmare does continue! Dexcom submitted claims for 2 transmitters to my insurance. Of course insurance denied one, as they should. But now I am going to have to deal with that mess.

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It sounds like they’re messing up your G4 or G5 order? The G4 ships with a single transmitter; the G5 ships with two transmitters, because they don’t last as long. It looks like they might have shipped the one (G4) and billed for the other (G5)?

I’m hoping this comes to an end for you soon!


Yeah, it was a G4 transmitter, but I think it was more just no one looking at my file, or that no one made notes of everything that happened. I actually don’t know what they shipped to Texas. They had two invoices though, one that had an address in TX, and one that had one to Mass. My insurance told me that if they tried to come after me for payment, to let them know and they would work on it. It is illegal of them to bill me or my insurance for something I never received. I really don’t want to call them again, I had to call them so much just to try and get my transmitter.

I just so disappointed in them as a company too. I had always advocated for them, and told people how great having a CGM is. Don’t get me wrong, I love having CGM, but having months of frustration isn’t helpful! I hope they improve.

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Tell them you are going to complain to the atty general of your state - that may help

I have complained a few times and lo and behold they did something about it.

So the threat alone may help - it ties their resources up which they don’t like


That’s good to know, the Massachusetts Attorney General’s mission is pretty focused on health care issues. Did you have to call the AG and complain or just tell Dexcom that you were going to? Who did you talk to at Dexcom to tell this to? I feel like no one responds there. I just emailed the customer service email, just because I am so tired of calling. Is that even a real email?

I did write a letter to the board or directors and CEO that I am planning on sending this week. Just writing the letter was stressful because of all the stress dealing with Dexcom.



I threatened to do it with Medtronic who put me thru billing hell and lied for a year

In Pa you can go online and do it

I am dealing with Dex to get CGM for my wife but that has gone well.

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What is the Senseonics CGM? Is it one that just isn’t in the US yet?


the Senseonics CGM is an implanted CGM - has to be changed out every 90 days, though they’re working on 180 days.

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I just looked it up, it looks like it just got FDA clearance? I’d be up for that one! Especially if the company is easier to deal with!


All others will be out of the CGM business if eversense works half as good as they claim


that is quite a bold/prophetic statement, Tony. :slight_smile: and “half” even?? that’s double-bold!

EDIT: oh THAT system. I wouldn’t want them slicing me open to wear that thing. So now I have to disagree more with you than before I realized it’s the system that is placed under the skin.

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I find the insertion of the Dexcom sensor really, really painful. I don’t know that the cut for the insert would be awful, especially with a local anesthesia. Plus it’s once every three months versus once every/every other week.
I would definitely consider it

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your G5 hurts on insertion? do u push the plunger in quickly and retract right away? are you prone to pain from minor things such as properly done blood draws, etc?


I’m with you there @Dave44! I don’t find the Dexcom insertion much more than an annoyance (even with my fear of needles) - but an actual procedure to insert it would be too much for me!

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Not understanding the reluctance for the eversense insertion - one minute more that a cat getting an RFID tag in it’s neck - I doubt more then a band aid is needed - and you will not feel a thing - and they are going for smaller and a year

Verses 3 months of screwing with sensors and tape and transmitters with all the problems

no brainer to me