Dexcom G4 catchphrase

Just started the G4 Friday evening- and like virtually everyone- I'm ecstatic.

Was trying to think of a succinct way to express the experience and the blind being made to see if a pretty good analogy. Finger-stick data ox like being blind but thinking you have a good picture of a room by feel, only to find you knew almost nothing of the place when given eyesight.

That's what the G4 is like for me...

I'm happy to read the G4 performs well for you. I love the G4, too.

I think of the G4 experience as video and the fingerstick meters like snapshots. The every-five-minute update to BG status does fill in a lot blank spots where before you had to guess.

Now your challenge is to do something useful with the new knowledge. Have you looked at the Studio software yet? When you upload your data to Studio, you can see all sorts of graphs and see hints of ways that you might make your control better.

Good luck with your continued success!

Thanks! I'm just starting to explore the software today...