Dexcom G4 - redesigned receiver

I didn't realize that the Dexcom G4 was redesigning the receiver. I was thinking that was only a sensor redesign. Question is will the alarms wake me up? I sure hope so.

Any users in the UK of G4? Not thinking that they have been on the market that long, but be interested if anyone is using yet.

If alarms not loud enough, you can always use the setup I (and a few others here) use which is an alarm clock that can pick up sounds and alert you via a bed shaker. It really works.
See this and use it with this .

Hi Jim, I've been using the G4 since it arrived in UK early July so one of the very first to get my hands on it. It's my first CGM and I bought it because trying to tighten my control with my Omnipod resulted in hypo-unawareness. I've found it has completely transformed my life; it has delivered all it claims, and more. The alarm has different volumes so hopefully should wake you at night. I used it sailing off the Turkish coast in 48degrees and it was hanging up in the shade happily reading my BGs whilst I was swimming around the bays. It also has an alarm to warn of rapidly dropping BGs which is useful. Hopefully the FDA will approve it in US soon as it's a great bit of kit!

Thank you, English lady. This is the first user report I have seen. I've been wearing a DexCom 7+ for three years now and look forward to the Gen4.

How have the G4 readings compared to your finger-stick readings?

Jim - A simple low-tech way to amplify the Dex receiver is to place it in a glass cup on your nightstand.

We have mmols here so different system I'm afraid but accurate up to normal BGs, extremely accurate between normal (is that 90 your system?) and 180, losing accuracy above that. One big bonus of the G4 transmitter over 7+ is its range of 6 metres.

Your report sounds very promising. Now I just have to patiently wait while the FDA takes its sweet time approving the G4...

Thank you for the report back...I'm hoping it is approved very soon in the states. I see Dexcom is offering $200.00 rebates on their 7+ starter kits, so maybe a good sign it will be very soon.

Thanks Terry! I'll give that a try.