Dexcom G4

So we’ve seen the news about new Dexcom G4 sensor being released next month together with Animas Vibe pump.

Personally I’m more excited about the sensor than the pump itself. So I wonder, is Dexcom going to offer somesort of upgrade to the existing seven plus receivers to be G4 compatible?

I want to know also. I do know Dexcom has designed a new receiver but I haven’t been able to figure out if G4 sensors will be backward compatible with current receivers or if they will launch with new receivers. For now I want to hear what people in Europe say about the new sensors now that the Vibe will be launching over there in about a month.

I know the plan for the US is to launch G4 with it’s new receiver after which the Vibe will be launched (it will be easier to get the Vibe through the FDA this way) but not sure what Dexcom’s plans are in Europe. A lot of this type of planning is probably back and forth conversations between Dex and Animas since Animas did give Dex a large chunk of money to help with advancing it’s product.

I have mixed feelings about this new Animas/Dexcom integrated pump/CGM system. The promise of better sensor accuracy definitely gets my attention.

I found that the power of the current Dex CGM system shines when it wakes me up at night so that I can take timely measures in response to out-of-range readings. I did discover early on that I will not hear the audible alarms if my Dex receiver is buried below my blankets. When I located my receiver so that I could hear it at night then my blood sugar control markedly improved. That’s why I never really minded carrying around another piece of equipment.

I don’t view the elimination of the separate Dex receiver as a good thing, in fact it will be a deal-breaker for me. I will not buy any system that cannot wake me up for important alarms.

One main difference. The pump alarms are a heck of a lot louder than the Dex receiver alarm. I do however agree with you. I would prefer them seperate as well.

Couldn’t one just upgrade the pump and order the new sensor/receiver pack from Dexcom? I originally ordered my Minimed 722 sans CGM, added it later, and two weeks later ordered the Dexcom CGM. Been a happy camper since… Although I am really excited to see how well their integrated system works. Their partnership is the sole reason I just made the move to an Animas Ping.

Cool, if the G4 transmitter signal can be picked up by both Vibe and standalone Dex receiver, then you have two displays and two ways to check your latest reading.

I really think that they will keep the Ping as an option for people who do not want CGMS. Then you will have to pay for the CGMS if you want the Vibe and if you do not want the CGMS you will get a Ping.

Looks like theres not going to be compatibility between Seven receiver + G4 sensors. So now its a looong? wait for the G4 receiver (Wonder if they do FDA first or CE…)

I believe the new receiver design is already submitted to the FDA. It was submitted at a point when the FDA required more data on the G4 anyway, so I’m not sure if new receiver will cause an extra delay. My guess we’ll have it sometime next year.

Does anyone know if Abbott has any plans to ever re-release the Navigator in the USA?