How do I know when transmitter as well as receiver batteries are going bad?

Aside from a message on the receiver stating 'transmitter needs replacing' are there any warning signs, and how often will the message appear? Then with the receiver, how will I know when it needs to be replaced due to old batteries? Also, has anyone tried replacing the non-user serviceable batteries in that?

I just had to replace my transmitter. I got a warning every morning until it just wasn't strong enough to transmit the data. I had to go a few days without my Dexcom, and I didn't like it! I don't know about the receiver.

The receiver shouldn't be an issue. My last receiver worked great for 2 years, until it had a fatal software error that required a replacement. The reps I spoke with said that it was very rare for a receiver to be working after 2 years, and I never noticed any battery life issue with it. Though I don't pay particularly close attention to it; I just charge a few times a week and it hasn't gotten noticeably worse over 2 years.

At just shy of 1 year I replaced mine. I was told then that my insurance would cover a new transmitter every 6 months. Learning that I'll probably go every 6 months whether it needs replacing or not. For the receiver, I can replace every 12 months, likely that will be my schedule for that part. Your insurance might be different, but worth a look into to see what to expect.

There's not really a benefit to replacing transmitters early. I'd still be paying a copay for it, and changing the Dexcom settings to accept it, so I just wait until it gives warnings and replace at that time.

Also something to consider is that if you order your transmitter before your current one is ready to be replaced, Dexcom's warranty is 6 months from when they SHIP the new transmitter. so if it sits in the box for a month or two before you change it out, you're eating into your warranty time. if you're like me and the transmitter is a big expense, stretch it out as long as you can and call as soon as you get the warning. you might end up off the CGM for a day or two, but at least you know you'll have a full 6 month warranty on the new transmitter.

My receiver just stopped working a couple weeks ago, no warning. Got message HDWRF, call Technical Support. It was out of warranty, and almost 2 years old.

My new receiver seems to have lower volume on the alarms, and I've missed some especially at night, even with attentive mode. Anyone else notice change in volume on newer receivers ?

My receiver quit and it just over 1 year. Hope to get replacement soon!