Dexcom G5 receiver issues

I have used Dexcom for 11 years, most of which I’ve paid out of pocket until Medicare approved the G5 system. So I have experience using their product line. Back in December of 2017 I received the new G5 system and ever since day 1 the large round button on the receiver has been ‘sticky’. I did not think much of it considering it was “new”.

However the reluctance of the button to turn on the receiver is annoying. Sometimes I have to press the button 4 or 5 times before it displays my present blood glucose number. I finally called Dexcom about this, and of course we went through the whole routine of basic troubleshooting. Technician decided that they would replace the receiver and has ‘ordered’ one to be sent to me in a few days.

This receiver does not seem to be the quality that I’ve come to expect from Dexcom. Has anyone else had this type of issue, or am I the only one?

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No, you are not the only one. I’ve used this style receiver for several years now. I’m currently using the G4 + Share receiver which uses the same hardware receiver as the G5. I have found two or three of these round buttons to give me erratic performance. Whenever I reported it to Dexcom, they sent me a replacement receiver.

As long as they can back me up with receiver replacements, I can accept the degraded quality. The receiver I’m using now has performed flawlessly for over a year.

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I agree with you. I find it refreshing to know that I’m not just imagining this problem I have with the receiver.

My wife and I have both had issues with the G5 receiver not turning on for more than 5 minutes at a time. We have called Dexcom to report these issues and they won’t send out a new receiver until the second time we complain. We have both received replacement receivers. My current receiver is doing the same thing. It seems to be a common problem with these receivers and it’s quite aggravating to me

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Since September I have had three receivers. The first one had button problems but it had nothing to do with the screen remaining dark. My second receiver was the one that wouldn’t turn the screen back on when you push the button. And now my third receiver also has had issues with not turning the screen on when you push the button.


I had a different problem with the G5 Receiver. I got it last June & I kept having periodic (like once a week) messages saying it had passed a safety check, trouble was that it looses the history on the graph. I called Dexcom as it got more frequent, they sent me a new receiver & I’ve had no problems since.

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Has G4 been discontinued? I never want to switch to G5, but I suppose that day will come.

I read on Facebook group, Seniors with Sensors, that G4 is being phased out but who knows if that is true. I did like the G4 receiver lots better. It was much easier to read in the middle of the night than this G5. I figured when I ordered the G5 that the ‘new’ generation receiver would be an improvement in readability. Not so much as it turns out! :frowning:

Dexcom is sending out only the touchscreen receiver as of this moment. They won’t even replace non-touch units that are defective, with the non-touch receiver. Bummer for me, as I’ve already had 2 replacements and don’t want the touchscreen unit.

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Did you get any info on the G4 receiver?

Nope. I didn’t ask them about the G4.


Hmm, I just received a ‘replacement’ for my defective G5 and it wasn’t the touch screen. This receiver looks just like the G4 but it is the G5. I’ve spoken with a person who has the touchscreen and doesn’t like it because it doesn’t ‘fit’ into his jeans pocket. I’ve heard other people say they don’t like it because they don’t want the ‘touchscreen’.

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I’ve heard many people complain about the touchscreen unit.

I’m just curious about why they don’t like the touch screen? Is it because it is bigger or bulky or just doesn’t work as well?

Last night the ‘replacement receiver’ I received earlier this week went completely black, would not turn on in spite of pushing the black button numerous times. I finally resorted to ‘resetting’ it on the tiny reset hole on the back of the G5 receiver. Then it started working again after about 10 minutes. Not sure what made it go black though.

It is too bad you did a reset because you lost all of the data that was in the receiver. All you normally have to do is wait it out which takes less than 10 minutes. Your Clarity reports will now have missing data

I’m not the most tech savvy person but thank you for teaching me about waiting for the receiver to come back on. Every day it is something new to learn about this G5.

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