Lost without my G5 receiver despite having data on my phone

For 2 years I’ve worn the G5 receiver on my waistband. No muss, no fuss way for me to see my glucose levels. My phone has been a backup to that receiver. Yesterday the receiver stopped connecting to sensors. Dexcom has a replacement in transit. until then, I keep reaching for the missing receiver to quickly see my numbers. tilt the unit upwards, press the center button, and there is my current number.

I’ll be glad to see a replacement receiver arrive in the next couple of days.

[EDIT] The replacement has arrived. See post further down thread.


Sounds like a @Dave44 version of phantom limb syndrome. Hopefully Dex overnighted the receiver to you.

If you have an old G4 receiver with share, it can be upgraded to work with G5 transmitter.

@Dave44 - I will be interested to see what shows up on your doorstep.

The old receiver as you describe?
If they send you the new touchscreen receiver.

It will be here tomorrow. I’ll report on which one I receive.


@Dave44. If it doesn’t show, PM me. I can help.you out, and I believe you are somewhat local to me.

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I can well-imagine your pain! I love the waistband receiver and can’t imagine not having it. I don’t have anything sent to my phone.

Thanks for the link @MM1. I have an old G4 belt clip receiver, but I don’t think it has share, but I’m going to see how I can tell if it does or not.

This is one of the reasons I haven’t upgraded to Dex G6, they only have the touchscreen receiver. Does anyone who has the G6 wear the touchscreen on their waistband?

The G4 Share receiver will have “Dexcom with Share” printed on the face of the receiver near the selection button.

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Dave, sounds you’d love a watch with Dexcom watchface. I bought cheapest on the market (TicWatchE) and I just look at my wrist, don’t have to press any buttons at all. BG is visible and updates every 5 minutes. (You still need to carry your phone though.) And you can put apps on your watch, news, music, etc. I have an Android phone. When walking or running I can even answer my phone by tapping the watchface and listen and talk on my phone without stopping and taking my phone out of my pocket. Very convenient.

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Well, that answers that question! Thanks @Terry4! My G4 is not Dexcom Share and I looked at my G5 receiver and it does not say that either, unless the technology was built into all of the G5s?

The G4 with Share receiver can be remotely upgraded to talk to the G5 transmitter. The G5 belt-clip receiver, of course, can already do that.

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@Terry4 Thanks! For some reason, I was thinking the “share” portion of the the receiver had to do with its connection to a phone, television, computer, … If my G4 had “share” then, I could have used it as a back up for my G5 receiver, but it doesn’t so it won’t. LOL

Thank you for your help in understanding this part of the technology!

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I currently use a Gear 2 watch and it needs no app to update xdrip data every 5 minutes. If I replace my Galaxy S7 with a newer model (read: newer OS) then I’ll be out of luck to use my watch as xdrip broke the ability of their app to transmit data to the watch via the Android Notifications channel. I am currently using xdrip that was modified in august of last year. A few days after, the xdrip developers broke the code that allows for data to be sent thru the Android Notification channel to my watch running tizen. I BEGGED them to fix the problem but they refuse to bother. We went back and forth over this problem and they just won’t expend any effort to fix it. Needless to say I’m pretty ticked at them, as they also refused to fix that issue, and 2 other issues. So I’m batting 0 for 3 with them.

Dexcom wants nothing to do with Tizen as well.

and I don’t like dexcom software. No voice option, no widgets and quite a pain to use because of the data not being as easily accessible as xdrip. Dexcom needs to step up their feature set in their android sofware.

You’d know better than me, I can’t stand Android. The Dexcom software works flawlessly on the iPhones I’ve had over the years. They don’t want to touch Tizen with a 10ft pole for some reason. I wish they would, I like my Samsung Galaxy watch.

If there is no widget, it’s a non-starter for me.

As soon as I get to my homescreen my xdrip data, as well as my wife’s is immediately viewable.

Again, that home screen would drive me bat ■■■■ crazy

I can’t stand Apple products. I made a big mistake by buying my wife a Macbook Pro. I’ve had tons of apple products in the past but no more. I like a bit of freedom and don’t like being charged for good apps.

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You are already bat…crazy. :slight_smile: