Dexcom Replacement

Hi All,
I’m new to this. I’m a mom to Daryl who was dx late 2008. He was 3. He has been on Dexcom and pumping with the Omnipod since Mid May of this year. Last Monday, a super excited Daryl went diving into the pool with his Dexcom receiver. The receiver is wet and currently resting in the bed (bowl) of rice. I called Dexcom and they say the replacement will cost $199. Do you know if the rice method will work? Thinking of just getting a second receiver as a back up since he is forgetful and almost always lost or misplaced it. Any suggestions is highly appreciated.

Others here have used rice or rice and those anti-moisture packets that come with some medications successfully. Hope it works for you!

I sure hope so too!

Useful information, though it doesn’t help you, or, for that matter, me: Dexcom told me the whole package price was $1158 (transmitter+receiver), though they didn’t state the replacement cost. OmniPod are seeking FDA approval for integration of the receiver technology with the OmniPod controller (it’s just a piece of software), so, if the FDA grant that, this reduces the startup cost for DexCom (assuming you also use OmniPod) to just about $200 - almost $1000 less!

Hum, the wet receiver is a problem though… I try to swim every day.

How deep does it go? DexCom say three feet, but my pool is four feet deep.

The dexcom transmitter was under the water for 1.5 hours. It came off after that even after we put on some tape around it. The receiver was under the water for 45 minutes. Placed it in a bowl of rice for a couple days, plugged it in, the batter was charging, however, the moment we unplug the unit, the screen or the unit shut off.
Wepurchased the replacement receiver, cost us $199 because it was still under warranty. Needless to say, lesson learned. The receiver is now in a waterproof little bag that has a hook that he can either hook it to his pants or belts.