Dexcom G5 Thigh Placement

I have been on the G5 for 2 months and would like to try using my thighs instead of my stomach. Can anybody give me any tips or information on using the thighs?


My advice is simple - Don’t! :open_mouth:

Ha! No, just kidding. It might work fine for you. But it wasn’t a great spot for me. It was just a bloody mess. I won’t be trying my thigh anymore.

It might work for you depending on if you enough of have a layer of fatty tissue between the skin and muscle. Best advice is try it once and see what happens.

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I’ve had good luck with it there and found it to be more comfortable than just about anywhere else. Possibly not quite as good of readings as in the abdomen, but I don’t get good readings there either so it’s hard to say. Just be careful pulling pants up and down with it there I’ve snagged and ripped a couple off that way.


Mine usually goes bad within 24 hours.

I use my thigh almost exclusively with no problem. For me horizontal placement works best. I try to use areas that are less muscular and can usually get ~3 weeks of accurate results out of a sensor. As with all things your diabetes may vary but do some experimenting and see what works for you.

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I personally have had stellar success with my upper thighs, both in comfort and sensor stability /reading accuracy. My preferred placement is upper, slightly inner thigh so any body mass does not cover the transmitter at night. I generally get 3+ weeks/sensor in this location before the sensor gets noisy. At most I will get 38 to 39 days/sensor on my thigh using grifgrips or similar to make sure it stays on.

By comparison, I get 2ish weeks on abdomen, 1.5 weeks on triceps, 3 days on calfs, and 3ish days on rear love handles.

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Hasn’t worked for me. I think sensor works best in soft tissue…

I alternate between arms and thighs, get about 2-3 weeks for both. I use inner thigh, as suggested by someone else. Place hands on lap, with fingers spread. Put sensor approx where the thumbs are, not too low on inner side.

Thank you for all of the replies. Will be trying the thigh tomorrow.

Interesting, we are new to the G5 (8 year old daughter is T1). When we put the very first one on her Dexcom was adament about placing it on the lower back or abdomen. When I asked about the back of the arm (where she wanted it) they said not to do it. They said the only approved areas are abdomen and lower back so that is where we put it. However when you watch videos for the G5 on YouTube most of the have placement on the back of the arm. For now we will stick to placing it where they told us to put it. No idea why the back of the arm isn’t a good place because it seems like the ideal location for a kid.

Also, we ordered some Patch Peelz from
and my daughter likes the different designs but at 3 bucks a patch I’m sure they could get pricey. I also ordered Grif Grips which are a bit cheaper and after trying them both we will decide what we like better. The Patch Peelz look cool and they have a ton of designs but after one quick bath it started to peel off so we put some Skin Tac on it and that seemed to help.

But back to my first comment I wonder if the arm placement of the G5 really makes a difference as she would like to wear it there.

The approved areas are based on the trials and studies required for FDA approval. Doctors will typically only follow FDA guidelines for usage, based on the use during studies. Dexcom support typically also promotes only FDA approved sites, but many have still been able to get replacement sensors for failed ones, in non-approved locations.

I have been using thighs and arms for over 8 years. I use my stomach for pump, so better for me to not put dexcom there.

@bridgesbunch, @MM1 is right. The placement is completely based on trials, and most people have a little “extra” there. Thighs, arms, calves are all places I have sen people wear the G5. You just need to experiment to see what works best for your family…

Regarding GrifGrips, there are several alternative brands on Amazon, or you could just use Rocktape. Buy it by the roll. Make a template out of cardboard, and use an extremely sharp Xacto knife or scissors to cut out the center. I find the Rocktape lasts 2-3 weeks for me instead of a week with the GrifGrips.

Which one of the RockTape products do you use?

Not surprised at the varying site preferences shared. For me, my Dex is most reliable and comfortable placed horizontally on the upper calf, in the back (average 2-3 weeks per sensor there). Second choice would be back of the upper arm.

But my pump (POD) has had better absorption on my thighs (inner, top, outer most often placed vertically). I used my abdomen once in the year I’ve been pumping and didn’t like it there.

Can’t imagine myself using my calf, but glad it works for you. I’ve seen photos of people using calf placement vertically.

Well I did my first thigh placement and it did not turn out well. Numbers were up to 30 off finger stick and a couple 40 off. It was my fault because I placed the sensor too low on the thigh, a little over half way down. I will try again in a few weeks and use some of the suggestions above.

I get exceptional pod absorption at the top center of my thighs – almost over-absorption. But my sensors there have not worked at all well.

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@Hammer I go to the local sports store and buy 2" rolls (and occasionally a 4" roll) with a pattern or color that suites my mood. Right now I have black 4", 2" screaming skulls, and 2" camo. I’m looking for something a little more patriotic for the upcoming holidays.

All the rocktape brand products are available online too.

@DonR your experience may vary, but I get the best readings/lifespan up high on my thigh, about 4" from where the legs meets the groin, and between inside inner and top of thigh

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Same for me, thighs = great for POD; horrid for Dex. Go figure.

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