Edgepark and Dexcom - 48 Minutes total for the call. PUSHING me to go to G6

So as usual I have to call Edgepark, and usual it takes 3 transfers. Yesterday it took me 48 minutes to get a new set of sensors, as well as two new transmitters.

Out of all of that time - almost 1/2 of it was them trying to push the new G6 on me. I kept telling her “No thanks” . Push, push, push, push - I finally had to raise my voice and tell her - “look - Send me my G5 supplies - I do NOT want the G6” . She got quiet, and then went all “robot” on me and sent them out.

During the conversation she said they want all G4/G5 products off the market as soon as possible, because the G6 is so far superior. I said - “Superior how? Superior because it literally stops at 10 days so we have no choice but to use a new sensor? Superior because you will be able to get more in the field because they can’t be restarted? Superior because it still uses the G5 receiver with a firmware update? Superior to your profits?” She was not happy at all! I actually got a kick out of it. They can take their greed and shove it - I will stay on the G5 as long as Dexcom keeps making them!

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It ‘appears’ that Dexcom is putting ALL it’s ‘EFFORTS’ into the G6 as I have been unable to get a replacement ‘Transmitter’ for my new-to-me G5. Ordered a new Transmitter on Aug 3rd & STILL have not received it! Current Transmitter DIED 4 days ago!.. ONLY info I can get (after numerous calls & attenuant long ‘on-hold’ times!!), is "your order is being ‘processed’…?? It looks like Dexcom is more concerned with “NEW” customers than ‘Loyal-longterm’ existing customers… Several of my old G4 transmitters lasted almost 12months. Trying to ‘resurect’ a couple G4’s by replacing the battery’s (as on U-tube). Can’t be without a CGM while Dexcom decides where their ‘loyalties’ lie…

Unexpectedly [at least from my point of view], there is a shortage of G5 transmitters.

So the push may not simply be trying to get people to go onto the G6 but it may also be about trying to avoid having to backorder.

Months back if you had asked me, I would have assumed there would be shelves and shelves of G5 equipment that the companies and distributors would be trying to move before they expired. Apparently that is not the case.

I had to call in to Dexcom for a G5 transmitter replacement under warranty. Normally, that would be next day Fed Ex’d to me. I do expect it tomorrow but that will end up being two weeks from initial call. I have no reason to suspect this is being done intentionally or maliciously.

Edgepark has them in stock… no back order at all. It was no big deal getting one, just had to deal with the sales pitch (push) for the G6.

Good to know that Edgepark has them!!! Tried other DMG providers & got same answer as Dexcom…“on backorder”. I’m still going to ‘revive’ my old G4 system as I DON’T want to get “CGM-LESS” again!!

I use Edgepark for my pump supplies. Have you tried ordering online before? I always reorder online.

That was part of the call - they had all G4 supplies in the cart, lol I had to get it all corrected.

I have never been able to order transmitters online. They always make me call.

Thankfully I am on an integrated system, so I can stay on the G5…at least until they get G6 functionality on the t:slim x2. I found the G5 to be a downgrade from the G4, mainly because the signal strength is absolute trash. I can’t imagine the G6 is better. And though the strict 10 day limit on sensors doesn’t affect me, it is really crappy for those who can only afford the CGM by extended use of sensors. If they care so much about people switching, they should make the sensors affordable.

This might be an issue with them getting prior authorization (whether old or new system). After getting the run around for a month on an order that was “processing,” they told me I needed prior authorization (had no idea I suddenly only got a 3 month auth rather than the typical year I get) and that they had contacted my insurance with paperwork twice over the last several weeks. Called my insurance and found out ZERO contact was ever made by Edgepark via fax or phone. Called edgepark again and was transferred to a supervisor who informed me that they’re over a month behind in processing any orders that need insurance info due to accepting a bunch of new clients. They could try to expedite my case (after a month of letting it sit), but no guarantees. Basically it’s Edgepark who’s greedy and more concerned with the bottom line than anyone having their life saving medical devices.

Hey there, STILL hitting a dead-wall with getting the G5 transmitter I ordered on Aug 3rd from Dexcom!.. I’m on Mediicare & need to know if Edgepark handles Medicare? Does anyone know of a Medicare ‘Provider’ that has G5 transmitters in stock?? Been without my CGM system for 4 days now (because Dexcom won’t send what I ordered 2 weeks ago!!). Don’t like to admit it, but I’m getting ‘panicy’ without the CGM at night because of history of ''SUPER-LOW" (30’s & lower)… I could really use ANY help here if at all possible!! Thank You!.. (IF I ‘wake-up’ DEAD from a ‘diabetic-coma’, my wife says she’ll “Kill Me!”…just joking…but you know about the Dangers of ‘hypo-unawareness’!!!).

I agree! I can be ten feet away, in the same room, without anything between me and the receiver and I get lost signals. The first few times it happened, I thought it was a fluke, then I began to see people talk about it and knew it wasn’t something I was doing/not doing. I used to wear it clipped on my waistband. I think I’ll try that again and see if I still lose the signal.

Actually, they can be restarted, so lets talk about what other negatives the G6 has. :slight_smile: Oh, that’s right–lots of people are complaining about accuracy, and adhesion issues. Now those two issues are something to definitely concerned about.

I agree with you that the G4 and G5 versions still hold lots of appeal for many of us. I’m currently using the G4 system and it’s good enough to feed Loop with glucose values to make a dosing decision every five minutes.

One member of the DIY community, Katie DiSimone, has figured out and published several ways to restart the G6 when the initial 10-day period closes.

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Hello ‘ccc’, My problem is with Dexcom. I’ve been on the G4 system since 2013 and was ‘switched’ (??) in Jan this year (Against my wishes…) to this G5 system. After 3 failed ‘transmitters’, the ONE that they FINALLY got to work has ‘died’ & I have been trying to get a new one since I placed my order on Aug 3rd! NO problem with insurance, only ineptitude (?) on Dexcom’s Customer Service end!! I’ve heard EVERY ‘excuse/justification’ under the sun, but STILL…NO TRANSMITTER!!! I am DESPIRATELY working to ‘re-activate’ one of my old G4 systems as I have NO confidence that Dexcom Customer ‘’'Service"??? has ANY real intent of helping me… I’m simply STUNNED at how a comppany this big can mess-up SO badly…

I lose signal with it less than 1 ft away. All. The. Time. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t lose signal for at least 30 minutes while it is right on my side. It is far worse when I have it on my opposite side from the sensor, but even with it on the side the sensor is on I lose signal. If it didn’t lose signal until 10ft away I would be happy. Still not as good as the G4 which I could be in another room 20-30 ft away and through walls and it would still stay connected.

I just hooked it to my waistband. I’m wondering if I would have lost it too, even if it were closer. Time will tell!

Even with that, I do like the Dexcom G5. I like being able to dose on it and I’ve reduced my finger sticks from 8-10 a day to 2-4! I can restart the G5 sensor still, so that is a definite plus.

I don’t like the shorter transmitter duration and that it has a hard stop on it, so it stops regardless if the battery runs out or not. I don’t like all the trouble many of us are having (and I had recently too) in getting new transmitters.

I have my old G4 transmitters and the sensors are marked G4/G5, so I can revert to the G4 if I need too, if I can’t get G5 transmitters. I’m good for another six months with them, so I’m hoping Dexcom gets their act together before I need to reorder. I watched the videos on how to replace the G4 batteries, but it isn’t something I could easily do, but I have a friend (and manicurist) who uses a dremel 10 hours a day. I’m sure they would do it for me!

I believe the only way I was able to get new transmitters from my supplier was to get my insurance company involved. The insurance company made it happen. Without them, I probably would not have new transmitters and would still be in a delay loop.

The 5yrs I used the G4 system was a ‘joy’ compared to this G5… I do like some of the features of the G5, but the ‘B-tooth’ connection-system is HORRIBLE compared to the ‘radio’ system on the G4!!! As others have mentioned, I have had the G5 receiver LESS than 10" (I have measured it!!) away from me on the bed-table, & had 1hr+ ‘timeperiods’ with NO Signal received! VERY dangerous for me with my history of Severe-Low’s overnight… IF I keep it in my pocket, as close as possible to the transmitter, I still get ‘signal-loss’ frequently! Medicare will only cover the G5 system, but with the ‘reception’ problem & now the ‘unavailability’ of these ‘self-destructing’ G5 transmitters, I am TOTALLY at a loss! (doesn’t seem like ‘Progress’ to me!??)

Was this switch by dexcom or by your insurance company or edgepark? I can’t imagine dexcom requiring it, as I am still getting G4s.

The comments on the G6 for accuracy that I have seen have been pretty favourable but the 10 day stop is avoidable. There are a couple of apps out there called xdrip+ which is for android devices and Spike which is for IOS.

These were developed for the G4 originally and have been updated ever since. They are free open source apps. They also work with the transmitters that fit on top of Freestyle Libre to turn it into full CGM connecting to phones and smartwatches.

They enable both sensors and transmitters to go beyond the FDA approved forced stops. Apparently G6 sensors go on for a few more days but not sure they will go as far as the 20 days many people achieve with the G5.

I am not currently a Dexcom user but I have a website bgonmywatch.com which attempts to explain all the ways you can achieve CGM at least as the UK is concerned and I have various links including one to the lady who puts new batteries into transmitters. The article “All about CGM” explains all. The “Links” page has plenty pf useful ones for setting up and extending the various CGM systems.

Just remember the only two systems approved by the FDA for making treatment decisions are the G4 and G5 plus the Flash Glucose Monitoring system Freestyle Libre.