Dexcom G5


according to the email i got it will be here tomorrow. so ill get myself up and running tomorrow. will have to do the 2 hour calibration again as i just did it for the sensor i have on now. not sure if ill use the app or not. i have it ready to go except for the transmitter info it needs


Yay! You and @Jane16 will be starting on the same day!


:)…i cant wait. ill miss my G4 but its not going to have the same lost feeling as giving up my animas pump


I’m not sure you’ll even know the difference, if you’re not using the phone app. I thought it would be so different and it isn’t. Most likely because I’m not using the share/phone feature either. Where I notice the difference is with the transmitters. They don’t last as long. They do send you two, rather than the one we got with the G4. I watched a video once on how to replace the batteries in the transmitters, but I’ve never tried it myself.


how long do they last anyways? and you watched a video to change the batteries in the transmitters? now i would love to do that


I went and checked my previous G5 transmitters. They averaged 16 weeks. I’ll pull out the G4 (tomorrow when I can get to them) and see how long they lasted.

The video is something else … take a look … it’s with the G4!

Here’s one with the G5


Yup, still the same 2-hour calibration.
If you just use the receiver, then the main difference between the G4 and the G5 is that you only have to test twice a day! ( since you can bolus based off of the G5 reading )


thanks…ill have to do this with my G5 and see if i can make it last longer than 16 weeks


ooo nice…i still check my sugar levels a few times a day anyways. my meter sends the sugar levels to my pump so i like that feature of it


so it looks like ill be getting another contour next meter lol…i already have one with my pump. i was looking at the order on the dexcom website. so ill have everything to get me started. i should get it tomorrow if its overnight. so ill be starting up soon. ill have a name for it soon. i have a thread on help me name my pump and someone suggested to name the CGM as well so i have a poll going on for that. but it will be interesting to see how the new reciever is, etc. so i guess its tomorrow hopefully.


I can also attest to the fact that the G5 app does not use data. The one issue I did run into, though, was how much storage it seemed to require. When I first got it, I had the iPhone with the least amount of storage. I kept getting messages to delete apps/songs/whatever to ensure my dexcom would continue to run. I eventually ended up switching to one with more storage as I couldn’t find anything more to delete.


well at least i have an idea about the mobile app. i know i want to do the share thingy with my best friend so she can see where i am at and if she needs to get me to bring me to the ER…she is my emergency contact for that stuff


my G5 is finally being sent. it is coming from ontario canada. interesting. i thought it would come from the united states. so hopefully it will be here soon. ive been waiting for a while now. almost 2 weeks it seems.


I use the xDrip app - I kind of like it for the following reason. It shows the increase or decrease in mg/dl. This is something I believe I had with the Enlite by Medtronic. I never understood why Dexcom did not show this. Don’t get me wrong - I love it more than the Medtronic sensor. Why is this important? An arrow is an arrow - it really does not tell you much. Is it going up by a lot? a little? Guess no more!

Granted I do not think that xDrip is FDA approved but the readings are scary close to the receiver. It is completely customizeable and is on your phone which i keep with me at most times. To be fair -I also keep the transmitter on me as a backup.

G5 seems more accurate - I am ready for G6


got the latest tracking info from fedex…apparently there is an ontario california where its coming from. i learned something new


I’m using some. Really drains the phone battery.


I hope you are striving for a far lower average bg in a matter of weeks, or a couple of months. Years of high bg’s are going to do irreparable harm. For your sake, don’t become complacent with high bgs.


it hasnt arrived like its suppose to…so my guess it will be on the local truck tomorrow i hope. and fedex havent updated the status…it says today but well its almost 10p so…i just hope tomorrow so i can get myself up and running. using my vibe as the CGM now has been interesting. but im ready to get to use the G5


well i finally got my G5 and setting it up as we speak. i have the 2 hour warmup to go. it was easy to set up. ill just need to tell my diabetic nurse that im all up and running.


Congratulations! This is wonderful news!