Dexcom G6 Sensor - weird issue

I have experienced different forms of sensor failure recently. These are outright sensor failures or multiple sensor errors or the latest (today) multiple calibration requests. During these there is no data coming from the sensor. In each instance Dexcom has replaced the sensor (3 times now). The weird part is that these only occur with sensors applied to my right peri-inguinal (lower abdominal) region. In-between when applied in an almost mirror location on the left there were no issues at all - these all were using the new 8G transmitter and were not soaked or even calibrated (at least the one on the left).
Obviously when I get home tonight I’ll replace and put it on the left side.

Has anyone experienced anything similar ? I guess I’ll avoind my right lower abdomen for a while

I had similar situation from time to time with G5 (Which I am still on) so always insert within 1/4 inch either side of centerline between belly button and xiphoid process. That fixed it for me. I have very low BMI (5 ft 9 in. weigh 125 lbs) so position of sensor is critical for me.

Thanks - unfortunately that;s not the case for me (very low BMI) I’m average not heavy but who knows. I prefer to keep in lower down , maybe I’ll start moving it around more - now that summer is over here in the Northeast

How much is summer over there? We get snow tomorrow. - the Midwest.

Typical rainy fall - 50-60 and windy now - so better than that monster storm I hear about. Best of luck !

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