Dexcom Transmitter

After three years of using the G5 and now G6 I had my first Dexcom Transmitter failure last night. Two long rather different sounding alert beeps woke me up and when I looked at the app on my phone it said “Session Ended” and underneath a click-thru link that said “I have a new transmitter.” After going through the prompts about serial numbers on the click-thru link it just took me back to the first window. Closed down blue tooth and then started it up again but that didn’t fix it. Called Dexcom tech support and they started an order to replace both my transmitter and the sensor I was wearing. The tech didn’t ask a lot of questions. The transmitter was started on 09/30 and the sensor was just a day old. Dexcom wants my transmitter returned.

The Dexcom phone tech did a pretty good job not answering all my questions about why it failed but I’m in no way implying that this isn’t any more than my transmitter being unexpectedly bad. Just publishing this as an FYI in case anyone else has a similar experience.

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I saw a warning that we might see some bugs because they are working on the Dexcom app. I just started a new transmitter and the app threw me a ‘heads up.’

I had a G6 transmitter failure once too. I got an error message “transmitter failure.” As I recall it occurred soon after I changed sensors. The transmitter had been cutting off intermittently previous to the failure. Dexcom replaced the sensor and the transmitter, but I had to depend on test strips while I waited for the delivery.

hello, i have been investigating the G6 for a while and i noticed on (better business bureau), dexcom has many complaints about the G6. I have been using the G4 for many years with absolutely no problems, the G5 did not work at all on me and dexcom could not tell me why and i wasted $1,000 on it. my insurance sent me 12 sensors which i paid for only to find out i cannot buy the g4 transmitters anymore. so i am trying to find another company who has a reliable CGM because this is life threatening when the transmitters do not work (especially in your sleep). i will let you know but the last time i spoke to dexcom on 1/7/21, the lady spoke very broken english and i could not understand her at all. she could not answer my questions.
good luck to you

Are you asking a question or just venting? Dexcom G6 is not perfect but does a wonderful job for most of us, certainly beats doing repeated finger sticks and most of us have not found anything better in the marketplace.

Part of the problem with dexcom and most medical instrumentation companies is that they spend a lot of money time and effort in preventing us from getting more out of their devices than we pay for.
They redesigned the transmitters so we can’t change the batteries
They changed the programming so we can’t reset the transmitters even if we can change the batteries.
They do everything they can to prevent us rerestarting sensors.

It seems like every one of their enhancements to prevent us from getting more out of it ends up causing problems and making the system fail more than it would normally.
There is a lot of money in this so we should expect it.
It’s just frustrating

They also do this to protect us and avoid costly lawsuits.

However, a sensor/transmitter that was able to “know” it was still accurate, and end when it fails to self detect it, could potentially be worn longer with FDA approved testing.

But sure would mess up insurance, billing and ordering which wants precise quantities and durations.

All they need to do is say it will work for 10 days. More than that is off label at your own risk.
The money they spend is to prevent it. It’s 100 percent about money. They already cover their asses in 7 billion different ways