Dexcom G6

Switching from Dexcom G5 sensor system to G6. I use the Tandem T Slim X2 pump and I can not figure out how to swap to the G6? I ended up just pairing with my I Phone, any advice welcome. I waited an hour to talk with Tandem and finally left a number to call back, of course no call back…When I actually get through to Tandem it is fine, but it is hard to connect with them.

You might need to do an update. There’s a different update required to connect G6 than the first one that connected G5. You can check by logging into the patient portal, then selecting “my devices” from the menu.

I had to do an update myself before I could connect the G6. You might as well start the request update process now, because it requires a doctor’s prescription.


thank you. I did that…