T-Slim X2 users?

I would love to hear from current T-slim x2 users. I am switching from the medtronic pump to the tslim x2, to pair it with my excellent G6 cgm - but am finding scant opinions on those on the t-slim x2 pump.
Anyone here have any experience with one to offer?

Big thumbs up.
G6 will not pair until you apply the August update to the X2.

Any specific questions?

Great to see you around!

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Not sure how it is with the G6, but with the G5, the pump has to be CLOSE to the G5 transmitter.
Otherwise I love the pump and Dexcom!

Just a few questions…
Ease of use?
How is it to use a touch screen for bolusing and setting the basal?
Did you have a different pump before? What are the cons of the t-slim x2?
How is tandem about replacing a pump if it goes haywire? Medtronic was really good about this, they sent out replacements immediately if needed.
Why a big thumbs up - what do you like about it?
I’m getting it in August with the upgrade to the Dexcom G6 on it. Am using the G6 now.

I know you asked Tim, but for me.
I can enter carbs and bolus VERY quick and without issues. It is super easy, and the touch screen works very well. It is leaps and bounds easier than doing it on the medtronic 670.
I had Tandem replace my X2 because it did not get good enough connection to my G5 transmitter. They sent me a new transmitter first to make sure it was’t the problem. I had a short second phone call and they sent me a new pump out fast and with NO HASSLE!

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@Mary_B Just my 2 cents…
Ease of use - would prefer fewer button pushes for a bolus, but not a deal breaker for me.
Touchscreen - love it!
Previous pump? - this is my first
Replacements - I called @ 1000 on a Saturday, and had a replacement pump by 2100 that night.

The only other pump I would personally consider is the omnipod for ease of use (tubeless). To date I am extremely happy with my Tandem and the customer support. I call Tandem when I have Dexcom equipment failures, and Tandem replaces the equipment faster than Dexcom does. I am looking forward to the G6 update, but will most likely wait until later this year so I can work through my G5 reserves first.

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Thank you so much!! And soon the G6 will be readable on the pump so no need for the receiver - I don’t use the receiver anyway, just the G6 sensor and my iphone…I am amazed at the fact that upgrades will be downloadable. I think Tandem is gaining on Medtronic in terms of visibility. It’s just a no brainer to make it as easy to upgrade as an iphone. I really appreciate the feedback, thank you.

I have used the tandem pump and x2 for about 2 years. I have never had any issues with the pump in those 2 years. I have had maybe an error message for a bolus issues 1-2 times. This pump is super easy to use, it also works fairly well with my G5. Before this pump I have used the Animas pump, Medtronic and Omnipod. The only pump I would never use again is the omnipod. The pod fell off and I don’t like built in features that make you replace it after 3 days. The bolus does take a long time to administer, this is really the worst part of the pump. If you want to go swimming and take a few units before you detach it might take 1-2 minutes or at least it seems like it take a long time. Also, giving a bolus you have to hit 3 buttons to get to the bolus feature, however it’s for safety I guess! The online updates are also so easy to do, I have only done one but it was simple and painless to upgrade the pump online. Their upgrade program was also easy, I switched to the X2 while the other tandem pump was in warranty, it was painless and super easy!

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