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I had to request a new G7 because after working very well for a few days, it really failed to be accurate anymore. I was told i could get it replaced. I received the replacement yesterday along with a box in which I guess I am supposed to return the defective sensor. The person I talked to who said that a new sensor should be sent did not mention that I would have to send the old one back.
That sensor went out with the trash. Has anyone else been told that they will need to send the used sensor back?

Heck, I was told that I needed to send back the G6 Receiver in the provided envelope when I upgraded to the G7. I never got around to it, but after one month, they sent me a second G7 receiver, and I have not used either of them as I only use my phone. I think they probably don’t care as long as replacements are not chronic. I built up a supply of G6 sensors, so I never asked for replacements when they occasionally failed early. One day, I had a technical question, and the tech asked me if I could use any additional sensors, and I told them spares are always helpful. He said that he saw that I never bug them for replacements so he would send me a few. Nine arrived by courier a few days later.

I think the question maybe should be, has anyone ever been told they need to send the used sensor back, ignored the request, and had any follow-up repercussions? Being nice to Dexcom, I have never found them to be nasty in return.

Yes, Dexcom as always been nice to me, but they have never sent me 9 extra sensors. I haven’t returned my G6 receiver in case I find that I want to go back to the G6. They haven’t bugged me about that.

I like how you worded my question better than what I wrote. I might call them, but then again I might not.


If you don’t return it, they will not say anything. And I doubt they will even know.

The returned sensors go to their QA group for analysis, they don’t go to support or to their customer service group.

If it makes you feel better, you can call them and tell them you tossed it. But it’s not really necessary, unless you feel bad about it.


Thanks very much Eric.


Chances are that you will get an email from ProductReturn-noreply at Dexcom about returning your sensor. I get those emails even if I have returned the failed sensor. I don’t know that there is any followup after this email and don’t think that there is.

“Dear Dexcom Customer, If you have already returned your product, thank you and please disregard this notice. If you have not returned your product, please place your product in the returned goods package with Return Goods Authorization number XXXXXXXXX at your earliest convenience. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact Technical Support…”

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Yes, I’ve returned transmitters and sensors to Dexcom. Now my routine when I’m inserting a new one, is to save the old in its plastic tray, along with the paper that has the serial number, so I can send it back if it fails. Then throw it out the next time I change the thing and save the more recent one.

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When I was using the G6 and had an issue with the transmitter, Dexcom wanted it back but rarely did they want the sensor.

Now that I’m using the G7 and have an issue, at most they want one of the numbers from the box the sensor came in (can’t remember which one) - and I’ve had them replace a lot of G7s that fell off before the 10th day.

I have found Dexcom support to be quite helpful and understanding. They know they have an issue with the adhesion of the G7. I think once, when my issue with the G7 appeared to be transmitter-related, they asked me to send it back.

I always hold onto the current box and don’t toss it until I insert the new one.


Exactly this!

I also got a surprise return kit once, and called all flustered because I had already discarded it. The support person literally just said, “Alright. Is there anything else I can help you with?” They couldn’t have cared less

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Yes last replacement required me to return it and I returned it. I always keep the box, applicator and sensor (until the replacement call ends) just in case. I had extreme inaccurate readings. Every time there’s a bleeding it’ll read very inaccurate. For example when I was 250 it was showing 100mgdl :triumph: calibrations were not successful. I just remove it and replace with a new one and then call them. Because I don’t have time to waste with wrong readings. Replacement has secondary priority for me but they do it :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, since 2022, I have been told to keep the components that failed in order to return them when a replacement is requested. For instance, if it fails during insertion, keep all parts. If it fails during the 10 day session, keep sensor when removed from skin.

Interesting that I have never been told to send back a sensor. I keep the box my new sensor came in, until I put a new sensor in, but I have never kept an old sensor.
If I had been told to send back a sensor, which wasn’t performing the way it should, I would send it back, but nobody has ever said a word to me about sending back a sensor.

I learned about it 2 ways. When I ordered free Dexcom G6 overpatches, I saw a note in their confirmation emails. Whenever Tandem sent emails, they would include a note about returning defective sensors.

The only thing I routinely keep short term is the cover to the plastic applicator that has the lot number because they will often ask for that when you call.

For years, I never was asked to return anything. I assume Dexcom must believe there is some abuse of the system for them to have changed the policy.


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Sometimes they ask for me to send back. I think it has to do with the reason. If it just falls off they don’t seem to ask but if I report a problem they may ask. Just call them and explain. Have always found them receptive at Dexcom.

Had to send back a G6 transmitter that failed after two weeks

I am a relatively new user of Dexcom 7. My experience so far is that after intensive calibration with each new sensor it does get more accurate, but you got to really calibrate and re-calibrate. I pay for my test strips myself and at first I was a bit upset about having to do that, but with time, it seems to have paid off. The pharmacist who filled my order “test rode” the G7 and acknowledged that they say upfront accuracy may be off by up to 20%.

It would be interesting to survey on this forum who calibrates their G7 Daily, Weekly, Rarely, at the beginning of a session, or Never. I never calibrate my sensors but do one or two finger sticks at the beginning of each session to see how far it is off day one. Sometimes, my G7 is dead on with a finger stick out of the box, and sometimes, it can be out up to 20% but self-corrects within a few hours, so I have never seen the purpose of calibrating. When I fast for two days with no food and virtually no insulin, my BG settles at about 75, so I use that as a baseline. The closer I am to my baseline when inserting a new sensor, the closer I am to my finger stick BG day one of a new G7 sensor.

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I agree!

Is a survey form something the moderators could easily incorporate into this forum? We have occasional survey requests, resulting in a link outside the forum. It would be nice to see the results in real-time on the forum, and the surveys could be a section within the topics. Any thoughts?

There is a feature that can be used, called a poll…
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