Does anyone know if I can get my dexcom screen to show on my iPhone home or the lock screen, so I don’t have to launch the ap every time .?
I know Siri will tell me, but I hardly want to have it announced like that.

I know it can because it did on my old IPhone 5S but I would not be able to remember what steps you take to get it there. Most likely widgets or somewhere in settings.

On Android my BS appears in my notifications. So all I do is swipe down on my screen and there is my BS. Also can view when phone is locked with all my other notifications.

Not sure if iPhone has the equivalent of notifications, but you might look there

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Not really a direct answer, but with my Android I use a watch. Dexcom has better integration with the Apple iPhone, so not only does it have dedicated watch faces, you can add you blood sugar as a complication, as a little display within a watch face.

Although the Dexcom watch faces and integration leave a little to be desired, particularly on the Android, it is enabling and freeing to be able to look at my watch and instantly know my level and trends.

There are essentially two lock-screen notifications panels. If you swipe-right on the initial one, you get a secondary screen, and you can have your Dexcom data display there. Scroll to the bottom of that screen and touch “edit.” That brings up the widgets list and you can add/delete items there, as well as drag to order them. I have Dexcom and Sugarmate at the top of mine.


It hopefully will also be possible in the next iOS version since they’ll have widgets.

On my android with xdrip, I use setting for Display–screen saver set to xdrip. So as long as phone is charging, I get full xdrip display graph and current bg and easy to see during night.

If not charging, I see just bg in notifications.

That’s what I’m lookin for thanks

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FYI, Sugarmate is a great little add-on that feeds from the Share stream. I like it better than the native Dexcom screen in some ways, particularly that it gives you the + or - from your last reading, which I find much more helpful than the Dexcom arrows.

Not on my phone right now or I’d try to do a screenshot, but you can also run it on desktop/laptop, where it resides in the status bar at the top (Mac) as well as on your phone. Here’s a screen shot–the reading is on the far left:

If you tap on it, you get a “dashboard” view, which is pretty much the same as what you get in the phone app:

As you can see, you can use it to track carb and bolus information, but of course you have to enter it manually and I’m too lazy to do that. Plus look at my stats–I’m doing great! :wink: So I don’t really need it.

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I use this, too, and really like being able to see my BG in my status bar on my Mac. Also, really like see the delta in BG, too!